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Armored Review

November 15, 2010 Leave a comment

My rating 2 Stars
I was bored this morning so I decided to stream this movie for the hell of it. How bad could it be? Well, it wasn’t horrible, but it didn’t do much to help my being bored. This movie did absolutely nothing for me. It was predictable, not all that exciting and a very, very cheesy to be honest with you.

Look, I wasn’t looking for an Academy Award performance here. I wasn’t looking for huge explosions or a life changing story. I was just looking for a fun movie and I didn’t find it here. The story was weak, the car sequences were boring, the action was really slow. Hell, nothing happened in this movie. They could’ve have done it in less than 30 minutes and it would’ve been just as boring.

The big master plan involved spending 30 minutes—which they managed to stretch for 40 minutes—trying to break into an armored truck by hammering off the pegs that held the door hinges together. Which made me question just how realistic this was? And why did that take them so long to remove? If those pegs were so tight in there, would the door even swing open? And if nothing is holding those pegs up other than friction wouldn’t they eventually fall out with all of the bumps and pot holes the truck goes over?

This movie was just plain stupid. The characters were flat and very uninteresting just like the story. There is not much going for this movie so I can’t recommend it to anybody. If you really want to see it, do it at your own risk.



Management Review


Management is a gentle, sweet and rather obscure romantic comedy. I enjoyed it very much.

My rating 3.5 Stars

Who doesn’t love a nice romantic story about a psychotic stalker? Imagine you’re a businesswoman sent on a business trip by your company. You’re on a tight budget so you stay at an inexpensive motel. You’re in a strange town with strange people. You’re going over your notes for the presentation you’re going to be making the next day. Suddenly, there’s a knock at the door. The night manager, who  you just saw at the front desk when you checked in is there to greet you with a nice bottle of “complementary” wine. He explains that every guest gets a bottle. In reality, he’s only there because he wants to have a drink with you. You’re not naïve, you know why he’s there, but he seems harmless in a weird kind of way. You share the drink and you send him out on his way. There was something charming about the poor guy. He wasn’t terribly smart, but he wasn’t ignorant either. You thought he was cute, not a real catch, but what the hell, he lives in a different state. You’ll never have to see him again. So you sleep with him the next day!

You go back home and you try to put the fact that you had a one night stand with a total stranger in a strange city out of your mind and go about your life. You go back to work the next day thinking that you’re going to have a nice boring day like you always do, except for this time someone has paid you an unannounced visit. You are now face to face with what could only be described as a stalker. You freak out a little, but you remain cool. You explain to him that this is completely inappropriate and unacceptable and that he needs to leave. He says to you, “I just gave up everything I had to be with you, doesn’t that mean anything to you? Just give me one day, one day and if you don’t like me after that, I’ll go away and never bother you again.” Now I ask you, what would you do?

I am fully aware that this is a ridiculous situation and it is the premise of Jennifer Aniston and Steve Zahn’s latest movie Management. Steve plays a rather “confused” young man who is not sure who he wants to be. His mother owns and runs a motel and he always thought that he would take over it after his parents pass, but is he really happy with that arrangement?

Jennifer plays an educated version of Steve Zahn’s character. She has a job, but she’s not totally happy working there. Her dream job is to take care of the homeless by running a soup kitchen or perhaps a housing development for the underprivileged. Jennifer falls for Steve, which I’ll admit is quite strange, because why would anyone fall for a stalker? In any case she likes him, however, she doesn’t want a relationship with him because when she thinks about their future together she can’t see herself living with an uneducated man who has no means of supporting her other than running a motel. In this case, love isn’t enough for her.

Yes, the plot of this movie is a little out there, but that doesn’t make this movie any less enjoyable. The story is so much more than just a silly romantic or stalking encounter. It is about fighting inner demons, it is about resolving personal problems, it is about becoming the person you want to be instead of the person people want you to be. Both Jennifer and Steve give really good performance. Their on-screen interactions are quite stirring and in spite of the retarded plot, the story is pretty sweet and moving. If you like romantic comedies, I think Management is definitely one to consider. I don’t think that it’s getting the credit it deserves.

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