film-projectorWelcome to my website where I watch movies and tell you what I think about them. Wait a minute, isn’t that a movie critic? Does the world really need yet another movie critic? Don’t we have enough of them and they never even like the movies you like. The good news is that I am not your run of the mill movie critic. The reason why there are so many movie critics out there is because if you think about it, everyone is a movie critic. It’s just that some actually think that their opinions are invaluable.
Most movies critics will watch a film and recommended it based on whether they liked it according to their movie taste. I disagree with this approach because everyone’s taste is different. A movie that I may think is great, is garbage to some else and vice versa. So this method of recommending movies is not only useless to you, it’s just plain stupid.
Other critics, especially some of the good ones will critique a movie based on how well it was made whether it is a fresh idea, the writing and what not. While this is a better way to critique a movie most of the time they recommend movies that frankly are a little too artsy fartsy if I may. Not that there’s anything wrong with artsy fartsy movies. But let’s face it, as much as we may like the artsy movies sometime we just want to see some shit being blown up. Sometimes we want to see that unrealistic movie. Sometimes we just want to turn off the old brain, leave it at home and go see a totally mindless movie with very little plot. There is also nothing wrong with that. The only problem is that most critics will give those kinds of movies a bad review. Well shame on them.
I consider myself a little different. I love watching movies. Sometimes I want to watch a movie that makes me think, other times I want to watch a movie that plays with my emotions, other times I just want to turn my brain into mush. I want to know whether or not I am going to like a movie depending on my mood. I want to know if I am going to be wasting my hard earned cash or if I am going to be wasting the little time I have. It would also be nice to know if a movie is worth watching with the guys, a date or if it’s even appropriate for the kids.
At a time when movies are just around the corner before they are released on DVD why should we bother watching them in the theaters? I think it is important to watch them in the theaters. Movies are an integral part of our society. Try to imagine how lame life would be without a good flick and I must tell you, if the theater were to ever die off, DVD’s or Blu-Ray movies just aren’t going to cut it.
Going to the movie theater is a fun experience and we should all go out once in a while if not to be entertained, but to get out of the house and experience your lovely town. Not to mention how much money we invest in entertainment and in these businesses. Movies are important, because without entertainment, what is the point? That’s where I come in. I’m here to watch these movies and report back to you about what I thought. So that you can make a better decision about what to watch, so that you are less likely to be ripped off so to speak. This is why movie critics exist to keep the film producer business honest. Without the critic, a lot more movies would be very bad.

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