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Broken Embraces Review Basura Apestosa!

The following review was written under the influence of a powerful narcotic. Read at your own risk.

My rating 1 Stars
This movie is shit! I don’t understand why people love Almodóvar’s movies so much. The man is half a step away from being a bad pornographer producer. His stories are the most ridiculous stories I have ever seen shot on film and Broken Embraces is no exception. So what is the fascination? Is it because he’s Spanish and people fall for that stupid Spanish accent? Is it because it’s a foreign film and just because it’s foreign is must be good? Bull Shit! This movie belongs in a trash compactor somewhere along with the Republican Pledge to America.

I couldn’t even finish watching it. I thought it was the most ridiculous plot line for a movie that I have ever come across. If this movie was food, I wouldn’t even eat it if I were starving to death. I wouldn’t be surprised if this movie was responsible for my recent visit to the hospital. Granted the visit was quick, but it wasn’t painless. Similar to this movie, except that the movie wasn’t quick. It was two hours way too long and excruciatingly painful to watch.

All of Almodóvar’s movies are the same cheap pornographic movie with the same stupid story recycled over and over again. There isn’t anything interesting about any of them other than the sex. People, if its sex you want to watch, there are tons of adult movies out there with much better plot lines than anything Almodóvar could ever produce.

I curse the second I put this ridiculous film in my queue. I should have never put this in my list; I should have known better. I have seen…I have tried to watch three of Almodóvar movies in the past and couldn’t get through any of them, so I don’t know what I was thinking. I must have been delirious or coerced in some way. I refuse to watch the rest. I don’t give a shit if it gets better or has a great ending. No amount of greatness will make up for such perverse bad writing!

If you’re a fan of Almodóvar then you’re going to love this piece of trash because it’s the same old Almodóvar BS. Don’t expect anything different. I hope you enjoy it! Don’t bother telling me what happens because I don’t care! He’s done!

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