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Everybody’s Fine Review

My rating 3.5 Stars
I have got to stop watching emotional movies on my own. My God, Everybody’s Fine is so sad! I practically went through a whole box of Kleenex while watching it. I’m so pathetic sometimes. I’m a big sissy is what I am. I find myself crying during some commercials sometimes. I can’t even watch A League of Their Own because I start bawling like a little girl! I don’t care. I love emotional movies. It makes me feel alive and reassures me that my heart is not made of stone. And for that reason I really liked this film. It was a warm, kind and beautiful story.

I’ll admit that the movie takes its time to build, but I think the payoff is worth it. For your patience you are rewarded with a warmhearted ending that reassures you that no matter what, no matter what problems and tribulations may come, what really matters most in life is family.

However, to be perfectly honest the acting is not the best. I don’t know what happened because the movie featured some of the best actors that I know. Maybe the director just didn’t know how to bring out the real talent from the actors. That is always disappointing, but I still liked the story a lot and I would still recommend people would watch it. It just isn’t going to win any awards. But that is okay, not all movies need to be winners.

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