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Fantastic Mr. Fox Review

My rating 1.5 Stars
If I could only use one word to describe Fantastic Mr. Fox, it would have to be the word “Boring!” If I could use another word, I’d have to go with a big expletive to modify the adjective. I can’t even describe to you how bored I was watching this film. Using the Six Flags metering system I’d give it a half a flag, a quarter even! I’m serious, I’m lucky I stayed awake and coherent through it. I know that this wasn’t made for adults. I didn’t watch it looking for an adult story, but do you have to bore the living crap out of adults just to entertain children?

I was surprised to learn that this movie got a PG rating, really? As if adults would get any enjoyment from it what so ever. I didn’t see how that could be possible. Only newborns who are incapable of standing up and walking away from it could possibly suffer through it. There were plenty of moving images and talking animals to keep those young brains from developing properly and possibly discovering that this movie is actually really god awful boring. So if you hate your child (I won’t judge) feel free to pop this in the DVD player, plop your kid in front of the TV (don’t forget to prop him/her up with some sort of homemade child kickstand) while you go do something a bit more entertaining, like the dishes or laundry! Make sure you sedate the child so they don’t start crying 10 minutes into the film.

In my opinion this is Clooney’s worst acting job and I wasn’t very impressed with Meryl Streep’s performance either. It’s too bad too cause I love them both. The whole thing was just dull. I think I can best describe this movie as an “animated” bad children’s book. So unless you have kids you hate or you’re a diehard fan of stop motion, skip this movie entirely. If you want to watch something nice with the kids you love, may I suggest Ponyo or Coraline.

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