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That Evening Sun Review

My rating 4.5 Stars
I was drawn to this movie like a convict looking at a poster of a model. From the moment I saw that old man flee from his nursing home. I just knew I was in for a good film. This movie was captivating, entertaining, and intense from the moment it started till the very end.

I have never seen anything like this before. This is a story of grudge between a mean old man and a stubborn young drunk. The tension between the two characters is felt through the screen like a defibrillator jolt. These two actors were outstanding. You could feel the anger and the resentment between these two individuals anytime they interacted. It was just uncanny.

This movie was just amazing; the story is brilliant! The writer devised a problem where neither of the two men were at fault. The old man’s farm house had been leased to an old enemy without his knowledge while he was in the nursing home. Naturally the old man was furious at this and wanted his house back and he would do anything to get it back. However, the new owner had no intention of giving up his new property which he intended to buy after the lease was up and he would do just about anything to get the crazy old man off his property. They were both stubborn and neither of them would budge. They argued, and they feud, and they threatened; it was brilliant, just brilliant!

It’s not very often one comes across a movie like this. Movies with great stories and flawless acting do not come by very often. When they do, they are a treat to watch and I believe this movie was such a treat. The only thing that troubled me was the end. The filmmaker left the end so ambiguous that it almost felt like there was no ending. However, when you stop and think about a feud like this, is there ever a clear end, is anything ever resolved. Nothing good can come from a problem like this. That really made me think and isn’t that what great movies are supposed to do? Now, if I am not mistaken the short story that this movie was based on also ended very ambiguously. Perhaps the film was just trying to do right by the original story.

What an amazing movie! If you want to see a great drama, this is it!

  1. Dean
    April 11, 2011 at 3:32 pm

    The ending is the family dis lose the house and he moved in that place 20 minutes away from his sons house.

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