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Women in Trouble Review

My rating 3.5 Stars
I have a soft spot for women and no it’s not because I am a man and I am sexually attracted to them. It is because of my mother and my sister whom I love dearly. They have so much talent, but life dealt them a really crappy hand and they never really knew what to do with their God given talents. Both my mother and my sister are strong women who never quite materialized. So when I see roles of strong women in film I am immediately biased and no matter how bad the movie, I find something good about it.

Women in Trouble is no price of a film. The dialog is cheesy at times. The situations are outrageous. I mean when was the last time you got stuck in an elevator with an award winning porn star? That just doesn’t happen unless you’re best friends with Ron Jeremy. But there was something behind all of these desperate women that really struck a chord with me. They all had serious problems, but they all came through with each other’s help and prevailed.

The movie IS very weak. At times it felt as if I was watching a soap opera, but it was pretty funny at times and I really enjoyed some of the characters. They were very sweet in their own way. They were very strong in their own way, even the really dumb one. So in my bias, I have to give this movie high marks even though it really doesn’t deserve it. You can call me a “pansy” or a “sissy boy”, I have a soft spot for women who do their own thing, who stay true to themselves and don’t look for reassurance from a man. You have to respect that.

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