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The Fourth Kind Review

My rating 2.5 Stars

The Forth Kind is smelly trash of the first kind! First of all, it is bad filmmaking at its finest. This was done deliberately because of the true story and the actual footage they included in the film. At the beginning of the movie they made it a point to tell you that the filmmakers decided to tell this story using the real video footage and audio recordings that the Dr. recorded during her practice, but to add drama to the movie they decided to do a dramatization of the footage taken and to fill in the gaps of the story. In other words they made a movie using the contents from the real video and audio tapes. That sounds exciting, doesn’t it? In theory, it sounds pretty cool, kinda scary and different. Then you watch the movie and you think to yourself, this style just blows, but it’s based on reality so maybe they just didn’t want to over dramatize the story. I guess I can understand. They wanted to keep it as real as possible.

They chose to make a scary movie with real footage, audio recordings and dramatizations of those recordings. That means the level of drama was down to a minimum. You know what I mean. Home videos don’t exactly catch all detail and when people hold a camera, well, unless they are professional they usually don’t do a very good job of it. So you don’t get to see very much. But you do get to hear and to be honest, it being a true story it is pretty effing scary. There’s only one thing. It’s all a LIE!

That’s right, there was no real footage, there was no real audio, it is all fiction, all “real” footage was taken and produced by the filmmakers of this film for this film. This is a prank folks; it is a prank on people who watch this movie. It is as real as The Blair Witch Project. It is as real as Paranormal Activity. It is as real as Nightmare on Elm Street. Except that those movies were actually interesting. This one was not! I wouldn’t had been as upset with this movie if it had been more exciting, but the fact that they made it in such a monotone way just to make it look “realistic” it made me feel as if they deliberately insulted my intelligence. This movie was only scary if it had been true, but since it was not true it wasn’t scary at all. I wouldn’t recommend anyone watch this, unless they like to feel stupid after watching a movie.

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