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Can Rooney Mara Do Lisbeth Salander?

I am a huge fan of Swedish movie The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. I thought that Noomi Rapace just nailed the part of Lisbeth. Who cares if she was older than the character in the book? In the Bourne books the character of Jason Bourne is supposed  to be an older man, but could you really imagine those movies doing well without Matt Damon? Neither can I. And the same goes for TGWTDT. I cannot picture this character played by any actress other than Noomi.

When I heard that David Fincher (Se7en, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button) is remaking and American version of TGWTDT my immediate reaction was that of suspicion and mixed feelings. Part of me thought it was great, maybe now I can finally understand what the hell they are saying. However another part of me thought, are they going to screw it up? I don’t want to prejudge. I hate it when people do, so I refuse to do the same thing. I am willing to give David a chance. When I heard that they had casted Carey Mulligan for the part, I was thrilled! I loved her in An Education; she was fantastic! I thought if anyone can pull this off it would be her. This piece of news calmed me down a lot. However, a few weeks later I heard some tragic news. Carey had backed out of the role and now they were left scratching their heads wondering who was going to fill in.

There were tons of rumors going around on the web about who would take the role of Lisbeth. I even heard that Emma Watson (Hermione of the Harry Potter series) was trying out for the part. Can you picture little Hermione doing a lesbian and a rape scene? I’m sure there some pervs out there that could, but not me. I was glad to hear that that was just a rumor. Of course there were other women who tried out for the role, but none really impressed me. When I heard that they had settled on Rooney Mara my first reaction was, “WHO?”

I have never seen her work. She’s this 25 year old newcomer that’s mostly done TV spots here and there. Her big break came with Youth in Revolt with Michael Cera which I have not yet seen. However, I did finally see her in a small role in The Social Network. In fact she starts off the movie with costar Jesse Eisenberg. I paid close attention because I wanted to see how good of an actress she was. I needed to know if she was capable of pulling this off, but more importantly is she going to do this role justice. I am not concerned about her doing a better job than Noomi. At this point I just want to see a decent performance. If the performance is great, AWESOME! However, I won’t hold my breath because what I saw in those first 15 minutes of The Social Network wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t earth shattering either. To be fair, that was a small role and we didn’t get to see much of Mara after that first scene, thus we didn’t really get to witness any real performance. Maybe she’ll do a good job, maybe not. I just hope that Fincher knows what he is doing. I am not a casting director, but I have one question. Did they even consider Anna Kendrick for the part? I think she’d be perfect for it!

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