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Uncertainty Review

My rating 3.5 Stars

I dug this film, sort of. I liked the originality of showing two separate timelines as a result of a decision. The couple had two choices. Option one, go to the left. Option two, go to the right. The filmmakers chose to show you both outcomes simultaneously and they did it well. The movie was part action thriller and part family drama and I really enjoyed both accounts. The acting was excellent. The use of colors to tell which story was being told was very clever and I even enjoyed the wacky cinematography. The only thing that didn’t work for me was the end. The end was just a little anticlimactic.

The filmmakers did such a great job building the tension in this movie that to end it the way they did was…irresponsible. It’s like watching someone blow up a balloon for a kid and just as they are about to hand it to them they pop the darn thing on their face. Perhaps I’m being a little harsh, but that’s only because I was bummed at the end that I almost feel resentment that I watched it, almost, but not quite. I’m still glad I saw it, I would even recommend it, but just be warned that the payoff, is not that exciting. Watch this movie because it’s unique. Watch this movie because of the good acting. If you’re looking for a wow factor, look somewhere else.

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