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Motherhood Review

This movie is rot! A festering, bloated corpse riddled with bubonic plagued maggots. A horrific and vile extrusion of unorganized partially digested sewage. If it’s not totally obvious, I hated this movie! I hated everything about it. I hated the stupid and frivolous dialog and the moronic, unrealistic and foreseeable story. This movie isn’t good enough to hold trash. It isn’t good enough to be used as sewer pipes. I wouldn’t feed this garbage to rats. I wouldn’t even throw this at bad actors; it’s not even worth being compared to rotten tomatoes. To do so would be an extreme insult to the rotting fruit.

I suggest to whoever wrote this ridiculous script to go into hiding, because if I ever meet that person, I’m going to make them give me back my precious 89 minutes that I just wasted watching this skull sucking scraps they called a film.

There was nothing quirky about this film, there was nothing heartfelt. It was a pretentious collection of complaints, unrealistic situations and whiny, wambulance needing people!

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