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Amelia Review

This movie is so sad, but not because of the terrible fate that Amelia eventually endured, but because of the lack of respect this movie showed about her life. The producers of this movie should be ashamed of themselves for making this film. They cared more about making this movie big and dramatic without ever defining who she really was and that is an insult of the worst kind.

This movie is two hours of what seemed like incoherent snippets of Amelia’s life put together almost randomly. The relationship between Amelia and George was as fake as a three dollar bill and Swanks performance was as mechanical as a cheap Timex watch. Watching this movie the first thing you notice is that they never bother to tell you a full story. They start telling a part of Amelia’s life and before you know it they close the book on it without giving you any details about it. It’s like they tell you the start of the story and the end without giving you the meat of the story. I don’t know about anyone else, but that is an extremely boring way to tell a story and I can’t imagine anyone enjoying it.

I love the story of Amelia Earhart. I love what she stood for and all of the work she did. To have her life told in such a pathetic way is not only insulting to her but to all of the people who cared and admired her. Shame on Fox Home Entertainment.

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