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Cold Souls Review

Cold Souls

Cold Souls is a very interesting concept and a brilliantly performed film. Unfortunately it fell a little short for me. It was a bit on the dull side. I felt this movie could have offered more, but it didn't. In all, is not a bad movie, it just wasn't all that is should've been.

My rating 3.5 Stars

If the technology existed to partially remove a human soul from the body/brain, would you consider it? I guess first you would want to know if it was safe. Won’t removing my soul kill me? No, no, don’t be silly, your body doesn’t need a soul. Just look at all the soulless people running around without a care in the world. Besides, it isn’t possible to remove the entire soul anyway, there’s always a little bit that stays behind, something like 5% or so sticks to the brain like tar and can’t be removed. Yes, removing your soul is a safe and painless procedure. However, what can removing your soul do for you?

Removing your soul is like starting fresh in life, you are no longer bound by your cares and worries. It’s as if you were born again, so to speak. Take the elephant for example. They are strong animals, but you often see them tied to little sticks in the ground. The elephant has more than enough strength to pull that little stick out of the ground without even straining itself. However, when the elephant is young and still weak, humans tie them to sticks in the ground and they are unable to free themselves because they are not strong enough. Eventually the elephant gives up and accepts that it cannot free itself. The elephant grows up thinking that he’ll never be able to break free and so when it’s an adult it doesn’t even try. That stake is a mental block for an elephant. Your soul is a lot like that stake in the ground, it holds you back. It’s a road block to your happiness. Removing your soul is breaking free and opens up endless possibilities.

Curious? Are you wondering what a soul looks like? If you looked at some of the souls that have been acquired in the business you would be surprised that they don’t look anything like you would think. Once outside of the body, your soul takes on shapes of regular objects like: a lump of coal, a feather, water, a chickpea, anything really. But don’t let that worry you, the shape and the size of your soul says nothing about you. And no matter how small the soul is, you will feel an enormous pressure off of you once it is removed.

Of course if you don’t like the idea of being soulless, you can always rent the soul of another person, maybe an actor, or a poet, or an athlete. You will feel what they felt and in a small sense you’d be them, but you will also be yourself. There is no risk. Well, there are a few risks, your soul can be stolen and sold in the black market in Russia. There are also some side effects that may pop up, nothing too dangerous, you just won’t have any physical or emotional feelings, you won’t feel love for anyone or anything, your current relationship may wither and die because you’re not you, but isn’t a fresh start worth any of those side effects and risks? You would do it wouldn’t you? Are you sold now? Good!

Paul Geomatti had his soul removed in the movie Cold Souls and he found out the hard way that we shouldn’t be fucking around with our souls. I don’t want to turn this article into a homily, so I’ll just stick to the premise of the movie and reviewing it. The situation I just described is what Cold Souls is all about. It’s an interesting plot and I was looking forward to seeing this movie however in the end it didn’t quite do it for me. I found it a little dragged out and just a bit dull. The acting was great, I really enjoyed that. I also liked the idea of the movie, but somehow it just didn’t jive for me it felt a little flat, it lacked content and therefore it lacked interest. Cold Souls isn’t a terrible movie in fact it did particularly well with the critics. I wouldn’t tell people not to see this movie, in fact just the opposite, I’d recommend this movie. Just because I didn’t like it doesn’t mean it’s not a good movie. If you like the premise that I describe in this article, you might enjoy the film. In all, I don’t think people will hate it, they may not like it, but no one is going to set it on fire or send Paul threatening notes.

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