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The Good: Live Hard, Sell Hard Review

The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard

The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard is one of the most pointless movies I have ever seen. It stunk as bad a week old garbage in constant 90 degree heat!

My rating 2 Stars

So far during my experience with my movie reviewing project, I have come across movies that I have loved and movies that I have hated. I have come across movies that make me happy that I’m doing this and I have come across movies that make me question why am I doing this. The funny thing is that sometimes you can tell from the trailers just want kind of movie you’re in for before investing time and money on the film. However, you still have to be careful even after watching the trailers, because sometimes the producers may put all of the funny bits in the trailer just to get your hard earned cash. If all of your movie research comes from trailers you can end up being disappointed most of the time.

As for me, I like to get my information from the quality of the trailer, if the trailer looks good I’ll check out a couple of reviews from trusted sources. The critics that I most trust are: Roger Ebert, Richard Roeper, David Poland, and Anne Thompson. Depending on what they say about the movie, I may consider watching it. This works for me about 80-90 percent of the time, but hey, it’s better than going to see a movie solely on an overpriced trailer where about 80-90 per cent of the time you are being misled.

Then there are those times that I watch the trailer, I listen to the negative comments of my  critics, and yet I still go against my principals and go with my gut instead. I should really stop doing that, first of all my gut doesn’t know much, if it did, I wouldn’t have eaten that whole container of General Tso’s Chicken in one sitting! Blech! I do love that stuff though! Nevertheless, whenever I do that, lo and behold about 90% of the time it turns out I was dead wrong! Again, my gut doesn’t know shit!

A perfect example of this is the dreadful movie The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard. I saw the trailer for the movie and I was intrigued. I heard the reviews, the critics hated it, but it just looked so funny and unique. Plus it had that Korean guy from the Hangover! How bad could it be? Well, it was bad. First of all it wasn’t funny. There was one line that I thought was mildly amusing. A redheaded lady said, “Yes, the rug matches the drapes.” I thought that was pretty clever. However the rest of the movie wasn’t. I was quite bored actually and I kept thinking, “Why isn’t this funny?” There were scenes that should have been hilarious, but it was like they dropped the ball. You heard a joke, but then you could almost feel the flat note almost immediately. It was painful.

It wasn’t for lack of trying, the movie had plenty to be funny about, but it just didn’t take advantage of it. There was the older gentleman vet who had fought in WWII against the Japanese who was obviously prejudiced against anything that wasn’t white. The old man had old values, he treated potential customer couples in the show room as if he were living in the 1950s, addressing only the man and making assumptions about the little lady’s needs. There was the Korean man who kept being accused by this old man of being a Japanese spy. There was a 10 year old boy with a genetic disease that made him look like a strapping young lad. Remember the lady who said that the rug matched the drapes? She wanted to do the 10 year old boy. The owner of the car lot had a dead marriage and wanted to bone the one guy. Another character realized that he had never made love to a woman, he’s had hundreds, even thousand of sexual partners but he had never “made love” and when he finally did he thought making love was extremely boring. There was so much in this movie that could have been hysterical. But they fumbled. I could probably count the number of times I laughed throughout this movie on one hand. And that is not a good thing. I laugh at just about anything. For heaven’s sake I thought Leap Year was funny. If this movie didn’t make me laugh it’s not going to make anyone laugh.

This movie was a failure of massive proportions in every which way possible. I wouldn’t recommend anyone watch this movie, just don’t bother with it. If you want to see a funny movie about used car salesmen rent Used Cars with Kurt Russell. That movie was filmed in 1980s, but I just recently watched it and it is still as funny if not funnier than the first time I watched it almost 20 years ago. If you have The Goods in your Netflix queue it will behoove you to remove it this instance. You will thank me for it.

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