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Spread Review


Spread has a great character arc to offer but very little else. The story is a little out there, but still somewhat enjoyable. Not a bad effort.

My Review 3 Stars

I don’t know why, because he’s never done anything personal to me and I have never met the kid either, but the fact is that I can’t stand Ashton Kutcher! I just can’t put my finger on it. He’s a good looking kid, he’s not a bad performer, he’s fairly funny and he’s got a lively personality, but I still can’t stand the bastard. If by some miracle Ashton happens to read this post, I’m really sorry, Ashton. It’s nothing personal, but I can’t stand yo’ stank ass! I guess it’s just one of those things. Maybe I am jealous! I’ve got plenty to be jealous of, don’t I? Maybe it’s the fact that he made it a point to reach over a million Twitter followers to try to beat CNN! But why would that bother me, because that is the kind of shit that is wrong with this country. My God, did I step on my soap box again? Time to get off…off the soap box you perv!

Let’s get back to the point at hand. It is going to be very difficult to judge the movie Spread objectively knowing how I feel about him. I’ll do my best!

Spread sucked, don’t watch it!

To be honest, the movie wasn’t that bad. Although, I find it frightening that there are people who are as gullible and as stupid as they are portrayed in the film, so part of me thinks one of two things. Either the people who wrote this script have no freaking clue about the human condition or there really are people that stupid and that gullible in this country? Did I just answer my own question?

So what is so unbelievable about this story? The premise of the movie is people whose lives revolve around taking advantage of others in very unique ways. To explain further let’s use a parable of a hunter and a prey. The Hunter stalks its prey in a crowded field, in this case a party. The hunter is hungry and has no place to stay for the night. He/she has to find the perfect prey, one that he/she could totally take advantage of, otherwise he/she doesn’t eat that night and he/she sleeps on the streets. The hunter is homeless, unemployed, but is very attractive and smooth. The hunter has a knack for reading people and knowing what they like and don’t like and they know what they can and can’t get away with. The hunter will use this to his/her advantage and once he/she finds the right prey he/she moves in for the kill.

The prey is a wealthy person, single, attractive and loves to party. Once the hunter moves in, the prey will attempt to flee, but the hunter knows all the right moves to keep the pray close and convince it to let them go to the prey place. Either the prey is totally impressed or doesn’t know how to say no, in either case the hunter succeeds.

The hunter is now in total control of the prey. He/she can live in the pray’s house, eat their food, throw parties until the day comes that the prey figures out they are being played in which time the prey will throw the hunter out and the cycle starts all over again.

This is the premise of the movie and I find it hard to believe that there are people that gullible and blind, but when I listen to people talk favorably of Glenn Beck and/or Sarah Palin, I have to wonder. I had to put that rational thought out of my mind to be able to appreciate the movie. After I did that, the movie became a bit more bearable and I saw that Ashton is actually a pretty decent actor.

The movie reminded me a lot of Bright Lights Big City, a Michael J. Fox movie from the late 80s. It was a story of rich, over achievers with too much time and money on their hands whose idea of fun is destroying themselves with drugs. Instead of drugs, the weapon of choice in Spread was sex and here enters my second biggest problem with this film; it was practically soft core porn. The film was extremely graphic and I question that it needed to be so. I’m not a prude, but do we really need to see Ashton slowly rub some chick’s nipples?

Those two points, and they are very strong in my opinion, would’ve rendered this movie unwatchable, however, the character arc in the movie was extremely well done and I loved the direction that the director took the movie in the end. However, I still wouldn’t recommend most people watch this film, but I also wouldn’t tell people not to watch it. If you enjoy movies like Less than Zero, Bright Lights and the like, then you might appreciate this film.

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