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Year One Review

Year One

Year One, fascinating idea, terrible delivery, the actors had no chemistry together, the jokes (what jokes?) weren’t funny, it was a colossal waste of my free time. The movie did accomplish something, it made me want to skip future Jack Black’s movies.

My rating 2 Stars

Would someone please tell me why people think that Jack Black is funny? Anyone? I honestly don’t see this at all. He also isn’t very original either. He’s got the same comedy routine going back to his first movie. Seriously, look it up! And his acting—good Lord, all he does is ramble on incoherently. Is this what people find funny these days? Perhaps the same reasons why people find this comedian wannabe funny is the same reason that drive some idiots to actually cheer on Sarah Palin. I’m just saying!

I have watched a few of Jack Black’s movies in the past. Saving Silverman was a good, solid comedy, though I don’t remember much of him in that movie. Did he have a minor role or something, or did I just block him out? Orange County was a joke and not even a funny one! School of Rock was cute, it is one of the few Jack Black movies I have enjoyed watching and not wanted to poke my eyes out and shove ice picks in my ears. However, it wasn’t so much him that made me like School of Rock, I think it was the adorable children. Then there was King Kong, a good movie, decent performance, it was the first time I saw him do something “different”. When Nacho Libre came out I took one look at the trailer and I wanted nothing to do with it. As it turns out, not many people did either, so I’m glad I made the decision to skip out on that dumpster of a movie! I don’t want to say that Jack Black is talentless; he is a great singer, but a comedian or an actor he is not!

Year One, Black’s latest film with costar Michael Cera, once again was not very funny, nor entertaining, nor interesting. I thought maybe it would be because the concept was there. The movie was supposed to be a comedy about life at the beginning of recorded history, similar to Mel Brook’s History of the World, Part I, however it did not even close to being amusing.

Michael Cera, another lame comedian, who played Paulie Bleeker in Juno, and had a funny role as Evan in Superbad was back playing a cave man named Uh! Uh and Zed, played by Black, were banished from their “village” after Zed ate from a forbidden fruit, sound familiar? On their travels they ran into several figures from both history and the Bible. They ran into Cain and Able; they witnessed the world’s first murder. They ran into Abraham and Isaac and according to the movie they were the ones who stopped Abraham from scarifying his own son to the one and only true God. Interesting, if you read the Bible these events took place hundreds of years apart, however this was not why the movie sucked!

No, the movie sucked because it wasn’t funny! They relied on badly told old jokes to make this film and then wondered why no one laughed. The chemistry between Black and Cera was forced at best. For Pete’s Sake they were at Sodom and Gomorrah and there was no sodomy going on. This movie could have been piss-your-pants funny, but they let it slip through their fingers. Either Harold Ramis is getting old and losing his touch or he was never funny to begin with. Could he be another Jack Black? Could that even be true?  Didn’t he also write Stripes, Animal House, Caddyshack, and Ghostbusters? What happened to him? Maybe he should get back to doing drugs to come up with some funny material.

I was really bored watching Year One and I was not alone. This movie was just plain stupid and not in a good way. Whatever happened to comedians that were actually funny? Is that a dying art? Is this the best that Hollywood can muster for us and then slap a comic label on it? Well, keep looking Hollywood, keep looking! And while you’re at it, please apologize for this massive pus ball of a movie!

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