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The Collector Review

The Collector

The Collector started out with a strong 3.5 and it was on its way to a 4, but then it took a turn for the douche which made it fall straight down to a 2.

My rating 2 Stars

A married couple enters their house after a fun night out on the town. They are all over each other and they can’t wait for the naughty deeds they are about to do to one another. The woman goes up the stairs as she undresses. The man stumbles through the unlit kitchen and fumbles through the dark fridge to find a bottle of white wine. He ignores for a moment that the fridge’s light is out, he is so drunk, he doesn’t care. As he tries to open the bottle of wine, he realizes he can’t see. He reaches for the light switch and flips it on, nothing. He flips it one more time, again nothing. Power is out, bummer! Suddenly, he hears his wife screams coming from upstairs. He runs frantically to her aid only to find her staring at an oddly placed trunk case. The wife is alarmed and concerned, the trunk doesn’t belong to them, it is not supposed to be there. The man thinks for a minute; he realizes it must belong to the contractor they hired to do work on their house—he  must’ve forgotten it. On top of the trunk there is a note, it reads, “For your collection.” The trunk suddenly jerks violently and startles the couple. The woman transforms from alarmed to scared and the man is now fearful about what might be inside. He opens the case very slowly and carefully just in case there is an animal inside, he doesn’t want it attacking them. He peeks inside of the trunk—the man turns pale white, his eyes widen in terror and he screams to his wife, “GET OUT OF THE…” Abruptly someone grabs him from behind and drags him into the darkness never to be seen again.

That’s pretty scary stuff, right? I thought so. I thought this was going to be a good movie too after that first scene. In fact the movie was pretty good for the first thirty minutes. But somewhere in the middle of the movie, it entered into a never ending loop of cat and mouse chase that made you wish the movie or at least someone would just die already.

After the captivating beginning, the movie then switched gears for a bit as it introduced the real protagonist of the film. In this case it was a contractor who owed money to some loan sharks. The contractor had been hired by a family to install a security system in their home because they were going to go on vacation and the house was going to be left unattended for a while. The owner had some precious stones that needed protecting. He couldn’t just leave these jewels without any security. Since our hero was hired to secure these precious objects, he knew exactly what was in there and how to get at it. It was perfect and so he devised a plan to break into their home while they were on vacation and steal these goods to pay off his debts.

It was a good plan and all, but he didn’t take into account one important factor. Just before the family was about leave for their vacation, they were abducted by some sadistic freak who loved to mangle and kill people, oh yes, he also loved to place booby traps all over the place for people to trip over, get stabbed with, get cut on, slip, fall, etc. When the contractor broke into the house, he went from being a house burglar to trying to be a hero; however, it didn’t work out so well. Our hero did put aside his own greed to help the people in need, but at a serious price. At every corner he ran into an endless array of booby traps that seemed to be designed to make his life very difficult. The first ten minutes of finding these booby traps were pretty cool, but after that, he keeps finding more and more and more and I was like, “Enough with the effing booby traps already!!!”

I was really enjoying the film until the contractor started taking inventory of all of the different “land mines” around the house. I thought the movie up until that point was interesting, riveting and very unique. However, after the hundredth IEDs (Improvised Execution Devises) was found the novelty began to wear out, but there were more traps to come. If that is not bad enough, they found an even more ridiculous idea. This time they had the contractor running up and down the stairs, back and forth and back again to do what? I just never understood the point of all that running around other than to fill out time in the movie. It left me wondering, was he there to rob these people or was he there to save them? Either save the stupid family or get the hell out of there! That back and forth in the movie became dull and repetitive. I was not a big fan and I quickly lost interest. It is a real shame because the movies had started out with a strong 3.5 and it was on its way to a 4, but it was like a train trying to get up a hill then suddenly losing its grip falling straight down to a 2. If I were to recommend this film to anyone, I would tell them to watch the first 30 minutes then shut it off. Who cares if you don’t get to see the ending, which you aren’t going to like at all, take my word!

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