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The Ugly Truth Review

The Ugly Truth

The Ugly Truth isn’t going to win any awards for originality or interesting writing; it just wasn’t that kind of movie. However, Heigl’s comedic timing and the relationship between both leading roles are on screen gold and worth checking out for a great laugh.

My rating 3 Stars

Local morning news show Abby Ritchter, played by Katherine Heigl, was feeling pressure from her station manager because of falling ratings. A local public access show called The Ugly Truth was stealing viewers from their show and this was not good news for business. The station manager posed a challenge to Abby; come up with ideas to improve ratings or the show will have to be canceled. Question, how do you improve the ratings of a news program? Hotter news anchors maybe?

Later that day Abby was getting ready to go on a date. Her assistant compiled a profile her date? her date so that she wouldn’t be caught off guard about his likes and dislikes. The profile consisted of data found on the internet plus a thorough background check. This chick was serious and mind you, a little nuts! If you’re getting the feeling that she was a bit of a geek, you’d be right. However, she was beyond just geeky, except she didn’t really look all that geeky, more on that later.

Abby was a control freak, everything had to be just right and according to her specifications. During her date with the nice gentlemen she pleaded that he scratch the bottle water request because as she explained bottled water was practically the same as tap water except a hell of a lot cheaper. That didn’t sit too well with the guy; he ordered the bottled water regardless. However, that was nothing compared to what she did next. When the gentleman mentioned something that wasn’t in his profile Abby was baffled and without a guilt in the world divulged that she had in fact studied all about him prior to the date. You can just guess what happened—that’s right, no second date. That may have bothered her, but she did have a show to save so she had to put it out of her mind for the time being.

As she got ready for bed, her cat “accidentally” turned on and changed the channel on the TV and my goodness guess what popped on? None other than the one show that they are losing viewers to. What are the odds? Abby, of course, took this opportunity to check out the completion. She had never seen the show before and I’m sure she thought maybe she would get inspired. She wasn’t, instead she was horrified at the comments the host on the show was making about relationships between men and women. She was so enraged that she picked up the phone and called in to the show to give the host a piece of her mind, however all she managed to do was get majorly insulted by the host and hung up on. I’m still in awe that she was able to get through with just one phone call! Not only that, but the second she finished dialing the phone she was talking to him. Did the phone even ring? I know it was public access TV, but didn’t they have a call screener? It’s all very fishy!

The very next day, she was eager to get back to work to share with the station manager her new ideas to increase ratings for the show. However, she never got the chance to present them because the manager had a wonderful surprise for everyone that he thought would get their ratings back up and everyone would be happy. The manager then announced that of that moment Mike Chadway from The Ugly Truth had joined their morning show team. You can imagine how much that infuriated Abby! She was not happy and she did not hold anything back when she expressed her feelings of repulsion about the “talent.” Of course as luck would have it, Mike had been eavesdropping by the door the whole time and heard everything she said about him. It didn’t matter; he was thrilled that he had been picked up by a real station. He wasn’t going to let some chick ruin it for him—even if that chick was his new boss.

The first day goes pretty smoothly, even though Abby is still not happy about the new team member. She may have disagreed with his comments in the past, however she did eventually find them interesting and entertaining and she was amazed at how right he could be at times. He was able to figure her love life perfectly by just analyzing her demeanor. She didn’t like it, but then again it wasn’t called the ugly truth for nothing.

When Mike found out that Abby had a crush on a hot orthopedic surgeon named Colin, he made a deal with her. If he wasn’t able to get the guy to fall madly in love with her, he would quit the news team. It was a win/win situation for her and she took advantage of it, but she had to do exactly as he said or the deal was off. This is where the movie triumphs. There were back to back scenes that were just laugh-your-ass-off funny as Mike tried to get Abby to loosen up more for Colin. Of course Mike was successful at getting Colin to fall head over heels over Abby, but at the same time something else happened. Both Abby and Mike became friends.

You can guess where this is going and that is the real problem with this movie, it is unbelievably predictable. My wife and I sat there and predicted practically everything that happened virtually from the moment it started. That was a little disappointing; however, the film was really, really funny so that made up for the lack of original story and its predictability. I never knew that Heigl was such a brilliant comedic actoress. She was great in Knocked Up, but she was excellent in The Ugly Truth.

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