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Plans Have Changed!

It has been over 8 months since I first decided I was going to watch and review all 2009 movies. I started the project for several reasons: 1) to improve on my writing, 2) to improve on my planning skills, and 3) to practice and learn organizational skills. It has been an interesting project for me. At times it was very easy other times not so much. There were instances when words just came to me as easy as breathing other times I had to struggle to form a sentence. However I stuck with it and haven’t given up, until now.

Actually, I am not giving up entirely. I would love, for once, to finish something that I have started. That was part of my original goal also. However, I’ve recently got together with two good friends and we’ve taken up a little project of our own. I won’t divulge the context of that project just yet, let’s just say that we have put together a group of very creative people and we are in the process of developing a miniseries drama to be published on the web.

We have met several times now and we seem pretty serious about our commitment and the project. This is great news for me because I have always wanted to be part of the making of either a TV series or a movie. The bad news is that since we are so serious about our project this leaves me with little time to do anything else.

At first I thought I would be able to cut my viewing down to 4 movies a week, but that has not worked out at all. I just don’t have the time or the energy to tackle on such huge endeavors all at once. Since my movie goal is a personal one I’m afraid that will have to take a back seat so that I can put all my focus on the group project. However, I won’t quit entirely. Instead I’m going to try out reducing my film reviewing to 3 or less…2 or less per week. At this rate it’ll take me a long time to finish the project, but at least I will finish it and I’ll be able to say that I did something unique that I can be proud of.

I want to thank everyone who has followed and encouraged me in this undertaking, especially my wife Elizabeth whose input and help with my writing was invaluable to me. I will finish my project, but it’s going to take me longer than I had originally thought. So instead of writing 4 or 5 reviews I’ll only be publishing 2 or three at the most. Thank you all for your support. Enjoy!

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G.I. Joe: The Rise of the Cobra Review

G.I. Joe:  The Rise of the Cobra about

G.I. Joe: The Rise of the Cobra about the only positive point I can make is that it was slightly better than the Transformers 2.

My rating 2 Stars

Let me see if I have this straight. A man was arrested in medieval times by the French monarch and was charged with high treason for selling weapons to both France and their enemies. Were these weapons of mass destruction, bubonic infested cows perhaps, pitch forks maybe, mass guillotines? In either case was this really a big problem back then? Looks like someone read Oliver North’s book once too many times. But let’s just pretend for one second that may be a possibility and go along with the story. The man is charged, tried and convicted; his punishment surprisingly is not death. He is made an example of to warn people of the awful price of treason. Instead of putting him to death they casted fresh molten metal into an iron mask and while it was still glowing red hot, they fitted the mask right on his face, basically made the mask permanently on his ugly mug. I’m no doctor, but I’m sure that left a mark!

Fast forward a few centuries later to modern times. We met a powerful arms dealer who was a descendent of that French condemned man. He hatched a plan to take revenge on France for what they did to his great, great, great grandfather-in-law’s uncle and former life partner, who gives a shit? WTF, who holds a grudge for that long? I mean seriously! What a crock! I guess the Jews and the Arabs have been fighting for a lot longer, but none of them ever did anything near as stupid as G.I. Joe: Rice of the Cobra. Yes, “Rice”! It’s a stupid name anyways.

This is the most retarded plot I have ever heard. I knew there was a reason why I didn’t like G.I. Joe when I was a kid. I was into the Transformers, now that was a good cartoon, wasn’t it? If you grew up in the 80’s you were either a G.I. Joe fan or a Transformers fan, rarely did you like both. I always thought G.I. Joe was pretty lame, but that is just me. The movie didn’t disappoint me because I knew it was going to suck and by God it Hoovered. It was horrible! I was in serious pain watching this junk fest. About the only thing that made this film bearable was the hot ass kicking chicks in the movie. However I am not one to solely enjoy a movie for the hot chicks. That’s like enjoying a pizza only for its cheese.

They did a nice job casting beautiful people for the movie, but they had to because they knew the script sucked and they wanted to use some smoke and mirrors to get your mind off of it. This is probably one of the worse scripts I have ever seen. Although as much as it pains me to say this it wasn’t as bad as the second Transformers movie, but still pretty lame. It was so bad in fact that they didn’t show this movie to the critics because they didn’t want the bad publicity before it hit theaters. They knew they were pawning a bad script, but they also knew that because transformers did so well that there are enough G.I. Joe fans out there that are stupid enough to go see this movie. It really bugs me that Hollywood takes advantage of that. Is it really all that difficult to come up with a decent script?

What is even more ironic about this film is that this is a live action feature based on an animated series. I should really be careful when I use the term live action, because to be honest, most of this movie was animated. It just wasn’t animated the old fashion way with pens and ink. Instead they used sophisticated computer rendering software to create the images you see on the screen. It’s called computer animation or computer generated imagery (CGI) and it has become the “Special Effects” of the modern times. G.I. Joe is largely composed of CGI. I don’t know what percentage of the movie was animated, but I would venture to guess that 80 to 90% of it was. The makers of the film used five different animation groups/companies to make this film come to life. I guess one should respect and appreciate the massive scale of this project. But when you watch the film with that thought in mind you realize that for a modern high-budget blockbuster movie the CGI featured in this film were pretty lame for the most part. Don’t get me wrong, there were some scenes that looked stunningly awesome, however, that was less than 15% of the movie, the rest looked awkward and almost goofy. Needless to say, I just wasn’t impressed by the graphics of this film.

The film looked rushed, weak and pretty ugly. The editing was just terrible and don’t even get me started on the acting. I hated this movie so much and I can’t even venture to guess who would like this movie other than children, but since the movie was pretty graphic and featured plenty of swearing I can’t even recommend it to them. That leaves the fans of the original TV animated series. I wasn’t a fan of the cartoon, but if you were maybe you should check it out. I can’t help you pal. Don’t blame me for your bad taste in cartoons. :) Rice of the Cobra was just junk, pure useless junk! About the only positive I can say about this piece of shit is that it was just slightly better than the second Transformers and believe me that pains me to admit that!

Paper Heart Review

Paper Heart

Paper Heart is by far one of the most unique and entertaining movies of 2009. It was fun to watch and the performances and chemistry between Cera and Yi were outstanding. I loved this movie!

My rating 4 Stars

What is love? Is it a real thing or something made up? Is it something tangible or conceptual? Is it physiological or psychological or is it chemical? And if love is real is there really such a thing as true love? We feel love, but is it real? Can we control it or does it control us? Why do we fall in love, but most importantly why do we fall out of love? These are all really good questions that most of us ask ourselves once or twice in our lives. None of which are answered in Charlyne Yi’s Paper Heart.

Paper Heart is an interesting concept that is straight from the mind of Charlyne Yi. If you don’t know who she is, join the club; not many people know who she is, at least not yet. Yi is a comedian, I have never seen her stand up, but people say that she’s very creative, talented and funny. Judging from the movie which she wrote, I would agree. Whether or not you find her particular brand of comedy amusing, you must at least agree that she’s unique.

Yi is a silly young woman about knee high. Her cultural background is of Korean, German, Spanish, and Irish. Cheese and crackers she’s a goddamn mutt! She even has a little American Indian in her that is just dying to come out (I can almost hear the rimshot). Yi is also a talented writer, actress, musician, painter, welder, and quantum physicist. Okay, I made up the last two, but the rest is true, she wears many hats and she wears them well; I take my hat off to her—see what I did there? No?

Yi is a true entertainer and a talented one at that. Paper Hear is a great example of that. In this movie she was able to show you everything that she is capable of with overwhelming success. Not only did she write the script, but she also starred, wrote the music and produced the darn thing. Is there anything this lady can’t do? I gotta hand it to her; she has really impressed me. This girl came out of nowhere; I don’t even think that her parents were in the business. How did she manage to break it into that crazy world? I’ll never know, but I’m glad she did because Paper Heart was one of the most unique and entertaining movies I’ve seen in a while.

Paper Heart was an odd ball of a movie, but in a good way. It is also really difficult to describe, mostly because part of me is still wondering what the hell I just saw! It was like some sort of hybrid between a real movie and a mockumentary. The movie starts out as a “documentary” about how Charlyne doesn’t believe in real love and she goes out to interview people about their love experience to get a better perspective on the subject. Her goal is to prove that love is not real or if it is that maybe some people are incapable of it for whatever reason. She finds several individuals and couples willing to talk to her and they all share their interesting and romantic stories about their love or married life and how love has changed their life. On a side note, I wasn’t sold on whether or not these individual’s stories were real, or even if the people telling the story were real or actors. If those people were real then some of the stories told by the interviewees were quite moving and romantic and some even very funny, if they weren’t then Charlyne is quite the writer! Either way, I was moved and impressed.

Each of the stories that are told by the interviewees are complemented by a faux mock-up animation made up entirely of cardboard, string, cotton balls, plastic wrap and a lot of imagination. The scenes were unique and quite fun and they always enhanced the story being told quite nicely. They added a flare of comedy to the spoken story and a sense of intrigue. In my opinion this made for interesting filmmaking to go this route instead of filming a reenactment of the event being told.

During the shooting of the “documentary”, there was a scene where the crew was at a Hollywood party. They were just hanging out with friends. However the “director” of the “documentary” had his equipment with him and he was shooting Charlyne talking and socializing with friends. Michael Cera, whom I hated him in Year One, but thought he did very well with this role, made an appearance at the party and initiated a conversation with Yi. There was something about Yi that Michael found very attractive; he wanted to spend more time with her. At first Yi didn’t really want anything to do with him, of course. But they did become friends and hung out a lot. This was all shot by the “director” of the “documentary” who thought it was a great idea to include the blooming relationship between the two in the “film”. The “director” began seeing a different direction for the film with this new developing story and he took advantage of it. He encouraged Yi to pursue the relationship and see where it would lead. From that point on the film takes on a different avenue and it’s all new, and it makes you wonder is this real? It isn’t, but I thought it was nicely done and beautifully acted.

Paper Heart is quite a story often blurring the lines between what is real and what is not. It was brilliantly written by Yi and was wonderfully acted by both her and Cera. I loved this movie quite a bit. If I have to say anything negative about the film was that there at times the film felt a little repetitive, but that didn’t ruin the film in the least, it’s a minute problem to such an ingenious piece of filmmaking.

Year One Review

Year One

Year One, fascinating idea, terrible delivery, the actors had no chemistry together, the jokes (what jokes?) weren’t funny, it was a colossal waste of my free time. The movie did accomplish something, it made me want to skip future Jack Black’s movies.

My rating 2 Stars

Would someone please tell me why people think that Jack Black is funny? Anyone? I honestly don’t see this at all. He also isn’t very original either. He’s got the same comedy routine going back to his first movie. Seriously, look it up! And his acting—good Lord, all he does is ramble on incoherently. Is this what people find funny these days? Perhaps the same reasons why people find this comedian wannabe funny is the same reason that drive some idiots to actually cheer on Sarah Palin. I’m just saying!

I have watched a few of Jack Black’s movies in the past. Saving Silverman was a good, solid comedy, though I don’t remember much of him in that movie. Did he have a minor role or something, or did I just block him out? Orange County was a joke and not even a funny one! School of Rock was cute, it is one of the few Jack Black movies I have enjoyed watching and not wanted to poke my eyes out and shove ice picks in my ears. However, it wasn’t so much him that made me like School of Rock, I think it was the adorable children. Then there was King Kong, a good movie, decent performance, it was the first time I saw him do something “different”. When Nacho Libre came out I took one look at the trailer and I wanted nothing to do with it. As it turns out, not many people did either, so I’m glad I made the decision to skip out on that dumpster of a movie! I don’t want to say that Jack Black is talentless; he is a great singer, but a comedian or an actor he is not!

Year One, Black’s latest film with costar Michael Cera, once again was not very funny, nor entertaining, nor interesting. I thought maybe it would be because the concept was there. The movie was supposed to be a comedy about life at the beginning of recorded history, similar to Mel Brook’s History of the World, Part I, however it did not even close to being amusing.

Michael Cera, another lame comedian, who played Paulie Bleeker in Juno, and had a funny role as Evan in Superbad was back playing a cave man named Uh! Uh and Zed, played by Black, were banished from their “village” after Zed ate from a forbidden fruit, sound familiar? On their travels they ran into several figures from both history and the Bible. They ran into Cain and Able; they witnessed the world’s first murder. They ran into Abraham and Isaac and according to the movie they were the ones who stopped Abraham from scarifying his own son to the one and only true God. Interesting, if you read the Bible these events took place hundreds of years apart, however this was not why the movie sucked!

No, the movie sucked because it wasn’t funny! They relied on badly told old jokes to make this film and then wondered why no one laughed. The chemistry between Black and Cera was forced at best. For Pete’s Sake they were at Sodom and Gomorrah and there was no sodomy going on. This movie could have been piss-your-pants funny, but they let it slip through their fingers. Either Harold Ramis is getting old and losing his touch or he was never funny to begin with. Could he be another Jack Black? Could that even be true?  Didn’t he also write Stripes, Animal House, Caddyshack, and Ghostbusters? What happened to him? Maybe he should get back to doing drugs to come up with some funny material.

I was really bored watching Year One and I was not alone. This movie was just plain stupid and not in a good way. Whatever happened to comedians that were actually funny? Is that a dying art? Is this the best that Hollywood can muster for us and then slap a comic label on it? Well, keep looking Hollywood, keep looking! And while you’re at it, please apologize for this massive pus ball of a movie!

The Collector Review

The Collector

The Collector started out with a strong 3.5 and it was on its way to a 4, but then it took a turn for the douche which made it fall straight down to a 2.

My rating 2 Stars

A married couple enters their house after a fun night out on the town. They are all over each other and they can’t wait for the naughty deeds they are about to do to one another. The woman goes up the stairs as she undresses. The man stumbles through the unlit kitchen and fumbles through the dark fridge to find a bottle of white wine. He ignores for a moment that the fridge’s light is out, he is so drunk, he doesn’t care. As he tries to open the bottle of wine, he realizes he can’t see. He reaches for the light switch and flips it on, nothing. He flips it one more time, again nothing. Power is out, bummer! Suddenly, he hears his wife screams coming from upstairs. He runs frantically to her aid only to find her staring at an oddly placed trunk case. The wife is alarmed and concerned, the trunk doesn’t belong to them, it is not supposed to be there. The man thinks for a minute; he realizes it must belong to the contractor they hired to do work on their house—he  must’ve forgotten it. On top of the trunk there is a note, it reads, “For your collection.” The trunk suddenly jerks violently and startles the couple. The woman transforms from alarmed to scared and the man is now fearful about what might be inside. He opens the case very slowly and carefully just in case there is an animal inside, he doesn’t want it attacking them. He peeks inside of the trunk—the man turns pale white, his eyes widen in terror and he screams to his wife, “GET OUT OF THE…” Abruptly someone grabs him from behind and drags him into the darkness never to be seen again.

That’s pretty scary stuff, right? I thought so. I thought this was going to be a good movie too after that first scene. In fact the movie was pretty good for the first thirty minutes. But somewhere in the middle of the movie, it entered into a never ending loop of cat and mouse chase that made you wish the movie or at least someone would just die already.

After the captivating beginning, the movie then switched gears for a bit as it introduced the real protagonist of the film. In this case it was a contractor who owed money to some loan sharks. The contractor had been hired by a family to install a security system in their home because they were going to go on vacation and the house was going to be left unattended for a while. The owner had some precious stones that needed protecting. He couldn’t just leave these jewels without any security. Since our hero was hired to secure these precious objects, he knew exactly what was in there and how to get at it. It was perfect and so he devised a plan to break into their home while they were on vacation and steal these goods to pay off his debts.

It was a good plan and all, but he didn’t take into account one important factor. Just before the family was about leave for their vacation, they were abducted by some sadistic freak who loved to mangle and kill people, oh yes, he also loved to place booby traps all over the place for people to trip over, get stabbed with, get cut on, slip, fall, etc. When the contractor broke into the house, he went from being a house burglar to trying to be a hero; however, it didn’t work out so well. Our hero did put aside his own greed to help the people in need, but at a serious price. At every corner he ran into an endless array of booby traps that seemed to be designed to make his life very difficult. The first ten minutes of finding these booby traps were pretty cool, but after that, he keeps finding more and more and more and I was like, “Enough with the effing booby traps already!!!”

I was really enjoying the film until the contractor started taking inventory of all of the different “land mines” around the house. I thought the movie up until that point was interesting, riveting and very unique. However, after the hundredth IEDs (Improvised Execution Devises) was found the novelty began to wear out, but there were more traps to come. If that is not bad enough, they found an even more ridiculous idea. This time they had the contractor running up and down the stairs, back and forth and back again to do what? I just never understood the point of all that running around other than to fill out time in the movie. It left me wondering, was he there to rob these people or was he there to save them? Either save the stupid family or get the hell out of there! That back and forth in the movie became dull and repetitive. I was not a big fan and I quickly lost interest. It is a real shame because the movies had started out with a strong 3.5 and it was on its way to a 4, but it was like a train trying to get up a hill then suddenly losing its grip falling straight down to a 2. If I were to recommend this film to anyone, I would tell them to watch the first 30 minutes then shut it off. Who cares if you don’t get to see the ending, which you aren’t going to like at all, take my word!

Aliens in the Attic Review

Aliens in the Attic

Aliens in the Attic is a great kids movie. It is appropriate and entertaining for all ages, including their parents. It’s one of the silliest and most fun kid’s movie I’ve had the pleasure of watching in a long time.

My rating 3.5 Stars

I’m starting to appreciate kid’s movies a lot more than I have in recent times. They are simple, yet curiously entertaining. They are also innocent with pure intensions and it doesn’t take much thinking to follow along. When I was a kid, I used to love these films. They were great! They were funny and they kept me out of trouble—for most part. When I grew up, I developed a more mature taste in movies. Since I have no children of my own yet, there really hasn’t been any reason for me to watch these movies, so I haven’t. I mean, what’s the point, they are just for kids and that’s okay, kids need entertainment also. However, as part of my project I have to watch all movies including kid’s movies. And you know what? It’s been really fun. The kid in me has almost been begging me for more.

So I’ll take advantage of the situation for the time being and watch them. It’s almost like a guilty pleasure to watch these films. And I don’t expect much from them either, in fact, every time I watch one I go in expecting it to be utterly terrible, but I have been pleasantly surprised most of the time. Perhaps it’s time I should start watching more kid’s movies even after I’m finished with my little project. I am after all just a big kid at heart.

Aliens in the Attic was about two related families that rented a summer house for the season. The kids were a wide range of ages from 5 to 18 years old. So there was something for every age. There were 7 kids total and a few adults. However, the adults were pretty useless in this movie, except for the grandmother, Nana, played by Doris Roberts, she was a riot! The kids were all related of course and just like any child stuck in a summer home with not much to do, meaning no TV and no X-Box, they made up their own games and played around the house. While they were goofing around on the roof, they encounter a team of little alien invaders who wanted to take over the Earth. The little aliens attacked the kids after proclaiming that they have come in “pieces” (a mistake made by their leader during translation of their language), but they weren’t successful. The kids managed to evade the attack and locked the aliens in the attic therefore prevented their escape until they came up with what to do with them.

The conflict between the kids and the aliens was very comedic and innocent. I found myself laughing time and time again. The aliens had a weapon that would allow them control the adults with a remote control. The weapon was useless against kids, an unfortunate discovery for the aliens after they realized that children are wired differently than adults. When one of the kids got a hold of one of the remotes the slapstick comedy just poured in and it seemed to me like non-stop laughter. I haven’t had that much fun since Apple released the IPhone! At one point they had a video game style fight between the Nana and another adult. One of the kids was controlling Nana while one of the aliens was controlling the other adult. It was one of the funniest scenes I have seen in a while. Needless to say that Nana kicked the crap out of the other.

The kids had a mission; they had to protect the earth from the invading aliens at all cost. They developed sophisticated weaponry like potato guns, they armed themselves with rakes and crow bars, they threw illegal fireworks at them, and they even managed to turn one of the aliens against his own people, without water boarding too! Yes, the story is pretty ridiculous, but children won’t care because they will be too busy laughing just like you will be the minute you let go of reality, sit down and watch something silly for the sake of entertainment.

I loved this film. I laughed my butt off from start to finish. So the acting wasn’t all that great, and the story was a little hokey and it stared Kevin Nealon for Pete’s sake! Yes, when I saw his ugly mug I thought, “Oh great! There goes the movie!” Luckily for me, Kevin didn’t have a lot of screen time, so it was perfect.

The movie was all about the kids. It had a simple plot that had just the right amount of inappropriateness for young children and just the right amount of violence to keep them engaged in the film without it being too much for them. I also think that this film works pretty well with parents if they wanted to watch this with their children, in fact I encourage it. I think the parents would probably get a kick out of watching their kids laugh at the movie, they should have a lot of fun watching it.

The Ugly Truth Review

The Ugly Truth

The Ugly Truth isn’t going to win any awards for originality or interesting writing; it just wasn’t that kind of movie. However, Heigl’s comedic timing and the relationship between both leading roles are on screen gold and worth checking out for a great laugh.

My rating 3 Stars

Local morning news show Abby Ritchter, played by Katherine Heigl, was feeling pressure from her station manager because of falling ratings. A local public access show called The Ugly Truth was stealing viewers from their show and this was not good news for business. The station manager posed a challenge to Abby; come up with ideas to improve ratings or the show will have to be canceled. Question, how do you improve the ratings of a news program? Hotter news anchors maybe?

Later that day Abby was getting ready to go on a date. Her assistant compiled a profile her date? her date so that she wouldn’t be caught off guard about his likes and dislikes. The profile consisted of data found on the internet plus a thorough background check. This chick was serious and mind you, a little nuts! If you’re getting the feeling that she was a bit of a geek, you’d be right. However, she was beyond just geeky, except she didn’t really look all that geeky, more on that later.

Abby was a control freak, everything had to be just right and according to her specifications. During her date with the nice gentlemen she pleaded that he scratch the bottle water request because as she explained bottled water was practically the same as tap water except a hell of a lot cheaper. That didn’t sit too well with the guy; he ordered the bottled water regardless. However, that was nothing compared to what she did next. When the gentleman mentioned something that wasn’t in his profile Abby was baffled and without a guilt in the world divulged that she had in fact studied all about him prior to the date. You can just guess what happened—that’s right, no second date. That may have bothered her, but she did have a show to save so she had to put it out of her mind for the time being.

As she got ready for bed, her cat “accidentally” turned on and changed the channel on the TV and my goodness guess what popped on? None other than the one show that they are losing viewers to. What are the odds? Abby, of course, took this opportunity to check out the completion. She had never seen the show before and I’m sure she thought maybe she would get inspired. She wasn’t, instead she was horrified at the comments the host on the show was making about relationships between men and women. She was so enraged that she picked up the phone and called in to the show to give the host a piece of her mind, however all she managed to do was get majorly insulted by the host and hung up on. I’m still in awe that she was able to get through with just one phone call! Not only that, but the second she finished dialing the phone she was talking to him. Did the phone even ring? I know it was public access TV, but didn’t they have a call screener? It’s all very fishy!

The very next day, she was eager to get back to work to share with the station manager her new ideas to increase ratings for the show. However, she never got the chance to present them because the manager had a wonderful surprise for everyone that he thought would get their ratings back up and everyone would be happy. The manager then announced that of that moment Mike Chadway from The Ugly Truth had joined their morning show team. You can imagine how much that infuriated Abby! She was not happy and she did not hold anything back when she expressed her feelings of repulsion about the “talent.” Of course as luck would have it, Mike had been eavesdropping by the door the whole time and heard everything she said about him. It didn’t matter; he was thrilled that he had been picked up by a real station. He wasn’t going to let some chick ruin it for him—even if that chick was his new boss.

The first day goes pretty smoothly, even though Abby is still not happy about the new team member. She may have disagreed with his comments in the past, however she did eventually find them interesting and entertaining and she was amazed at how right he could be at times. He was able to figure her love life perfectly by just analyzing her demeanor. She didn’t like it, but then again it wasn’t called the ugly truth for nothing.

When Mike found out that Abby had a crush on a hot orthopedic surgeon named Colin, he made a deal with her. If he wasn’t able to get the guy to fall madly in love with her, he would quit the news team. It was a win/win situation for her and she took advantage of it, but she had to do exactly as he said or the deal was off. This is where the movie triumphs. There were back to back scenes that were just laugh-your-ass-off funny as Mike tried to get Abby to loosen up more for Colin. Of course Mike was successful at getting Colin to fall head over heels over Abby, but at the same time something else happened. Both Abby and Mike became friends.

You can guess where this is going and that is the real problem with this movie, it is unbelievably predictable. My wife and I sat there and predicted practically everything that happened virtually from the moment it started. That was a little disappointing; however, the film was really, really funny so that made up for the lack of original story and its predictability. I never knew that Heigl was such a brilliant comedic actoress. She was great in Knocked Up, but she was excellent in The Ugly Truth.

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