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Surveillance Review


Surveillance was a wacked out, tripped out, badass movie. I think it was totally misunderstood and perhaps underappreciated by the critics. This movie will blow your mind and leave you wondering WTF just happened! Great Film!

My rating 3.5 Stars

Surveillance is the story of a string of violent murders by two mentally disturbed and sadistic killers. The film reminded me a lot of Natural Born Killers, except that it wasn’t as psychedelic and the killers weren’t into leaving any survivors. The killers in this movie were your average, wholesome, God fearing, good Americans, people, except that they really weren’t! Instead they were relentless monsters and it did not matter much if they killed men, women, children or pets. I guess they liked to see people suffer and they enjoyed watching them agonize. Hell, who doesn’t, that is just good family fun!

The story took place in the middle of nowhere, where there was nothing but flat land as far as the eye could see and where the cops were as crooked as my grandmother’s teeth, especially the cops in this story. Police officer Jack Bennett and his partner were less than honest police officers. The two enjoyed a variety of juvenile and idiotic behavior unbecoming to a police officer. They were quite despicable mostly because they had no shame in the things they did. Of all of their repugnant acts my favorite by far was when they hid their police car behind large structures and shot out the tires of passing vehicles. The road they usually patrolled was not very well traveled, so when a car drove by they could afford to be as big jerks as they liked without any danger of being seen. It was like a sport to them.

After the two cops shot out the tires of the vehicle, they would approach the driver and then had the gall to ask them what the problem was. The driver of course had no clue; they thought they just got a flat. The two cops would then make the “obvious” connection that they probably got the flat because they were speeding. Up until that point, the two officers had been acting pleasant, almost human like, but that would soon change. The officers would then ask for the driver’s wallet, not their license, their wallet and they would go back to their patrol cars. They first would make sure that there were no warrants for the drivers and then they would plan out how they were going to terrorize both the driver and the passengers. This is the real reason they would stop people in the first place. It wasn’t because they were speeding; it wasn’t because they had broken the law. They just liked to humiliate and shame people. They did things like pull them out of their cars, yell out offensive remarks, shove a gun in their mouths and other places, dry hump them, lick their faces, make them say humiliating things and many, many more things that I am sure are frowned upon by police standards. They just weren’t very nice cops or nice people for that matter.

Our two upstanding police officers executed this activity several times a day. I guess one can only do the best they can to make light of a stressful situation! However, on that particular day, they stopped a family of four: a father, his wife, a young teen boy and a little girl. The little girl had previously seen something on the road a few miles back and she had tried to tell her parents about it, but they were unable to hear her because the radio had been too loud. When the cop stopped them, after they had practically sexually abused the father, the little girl went to the police car and told them about what she saw. She had seen a blue car and a white van and she noticed blood on the ground and someone being dragged into the van. The two cops realized that they had stopped a blue car earlier. The poor boys would have to do some real police work next!

The two go to investigate the scene, but they were too late, the van was gone, in fact it had passed them on the way there. They saw what the little girl told them, blood everywhere and bullet holes all over the car. It was one of the cars they had stopped earlier. Then they realized that the white van that had passed them was headed towards the family. They immediately turned around and started their pursuit. Once they got there, the carnage began. The two masked perpetrators began killing everyone on the scene without any remorse. When it was all over, there were only three survivors. One of the police officers escaped with serious wounds, but survived. A second car, which I failed to mention earlier, had stopped to help the family change the tire, it included a young man and a young woman, both were as high as a kite, but they turned out to be nice kids, a lot nicer than the cops! The young girl was lucky to escape with her life; her boyfriend wasn’t. Finally, the little girl that had originally reported the incident to the cops managed to hide from the killers and miraculously survived.

Of course, this is not how the movie begins. This is all discovered later after two FBI agents took over the investigation from the local precincts. Since there were police officers involved in the incident, the government sent in the two agents to take over the case and survey the investigation and interrogation, they also didn’t trust the law in that area to handle this correctly.

I shouldn’t say much more, but I will say this; Surveillance is an odd movie full of surprises, action and really good performances. Bill Pullman was outstanding as one of the FBI agents. The critics didn’t care for this movie. They thought it was way too violent for violence sake. That may be so, but regardless of that this is a utterly underrated movie and I think it deserves a chance to be seen at least by those who enjoy this type of genre. The killers are some sadistic freaks that get off on the agony of a stranger’s painful death. I have never seen anything like it and I have never seen an actor show such disturbed emotions and have it feel so real. If I hadn’t known any better, I’d say those actors weren’t acting at all.

In my opinion, this movie is an experience. As you’re watching the film you have some time invested in these characters. You know what to expect from them, you may even grow to like some of them. Then suddenly the carpet is yanked from under you and you have no idea what the hell is going on. Everything happens so fast and you’re left just as assaulted as the people in the movie. This movie was pure genius, but it isn’t for everyone. If this is the type of movie you like, I think you’re going to really enjoy Surveillance.

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