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Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs Review

Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs

Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs should have been named The Dawn of Boredom! I did not like this movie, I was bored to tears. It may make a good toddler sitter though.

My rating 2.5 Stars

Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs, why didn’t this movie make my Do-Not-Watch list? I didn’t have to see this. It is true that I did see the first movie and I enjoyed it, it was cute, but I didn’t see the second part. There was no reason for me to see the third installment of this series. According to my rules, this movie should’ve gone straight to my Do-No-Watch list. It was a legal candidate for it, but the first movie was so cute I thought,”How bad could the third one be?” Did I really think that? What is wrong with me? Have I learned nothing?

Regardless of what I have or haven’t learned, I watched this stupid animated movie. What do you think I thought of it? If you think I liked it, not only would you be wrong, but you may also be in need of a good smacking. If you correctly guessed that I hated it, then my friend, slap yourself on the ass and call yourself Shirley! Because that’s a Bingo! (That was such a good movie…) Sorry, the bingo comment reminded me of a much better movie, Inglorious Basterds, but that has nothing to do with anything. Inglorious was good, Ice Age was trash.

Speaking of trash…the original cast was back in Dawn of the Dinosaurs to bore you out of your flipping mind. This time, it seemed Manny, the mammoth, and his wife were about to pump out a unit any minute.  This wasn’t sitting very well with Diego, the saber tooth cat and Manny’s best friend. I don’t know, maybe he was gay and wanted some homo-lovin’ from Manny. In either case, he was a bit jealous that he was no longer getting the attention he wanted from his friend. Men! (They are all the same no matter if you’re a human or a saber tooth cat.) Diego, (which is a name usually reserved for the Spanish Casanova types, way to go with the names Berg and Wilson,) decided he was going to skip town and find another life for himself. On the way out he ran into Sid, the not so bright sloth, he filled Sid with ideas that Manny was now a family man and would not have time for his friends and urged him to go far away and find a different life for himself like he was about to do. The prospect of losing his buddy Manny made Sid sad, but he did like the idea of being a father, like Manny. He decided he wanted to be one. He went off and found three dinosaur eggs and “adopted” them. Personally, I thought those eggs would make an excellent three-dino-egg omelet, but that’s just me.

Sid became a… father? Cheeses! Let’s just say that he wasn’t a very good father to the unhatched eggs. He only had them for a few hours and he managed to roll them down a cliff. Eventually the eggs hatched into three cute carnivorous baby Tyrannosaurus’, Awww! How cute! The baby Tyrannies immediately took to Sid as their mother. Sid took them everywhere and introduced everyone to his new kids; he even took them to the “kids” park where they began to eat all of the other children. I did chuckle a bit when Sid made one of them spit out a baby hippo and he ended up spitting out the wrong child, he obviously had eaten more than one. Naughty, naughty!

As you might expect, eventually the real Tyranny mommy came through calling. She was quite nice considering Sid kidnapped her three eggs and then he attempted to “protect” his young from the dangerous dino.  Unimpressed with the dumb sloth, the Tyranny quickly grabbed her young and started to walk away, but the young Tyrannies were already attached to Sid and they began to cry, Awwww, HURL! The solution, the Tyranny kidnapped Sid and took him with her.

The rest of the movie is Manny and Diego unite once again to go on a little adventure to save Sid. That’s your plot, nothing less and nothing more. And it is really, really boring. I laughed maybe once or twice, but it was more of a pathetic chuckle than anything else. However, not all is lost. Ice Age was nicely animated I thought they paid special attention to the close-ups of the characters because they were very vivid and extremely well textured; kudos to the animators of this film! As far as who will enjoy this movie, toddlers, young toddlers might find the overly simplistic plot and its juvenile humor entertaining. I don’t recommend adults watch this with their children, there is nothing here for adults. However, I bet it is great for putting a child in front of it and forgetting about him/her for a good hour and a half! Just be forewarned that once the child begins to speak, that may all go down the cliff.

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