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Moon Review


Moon is science fiction at its absolute best.

My rating 4.5 Stars

Science Fiction has a bad rap. Why?  Because Hollywood has been mocking it for years and therefore no one these days takes it seriously. It’s very rare that sci-fi is portrayed in a non-satirical manner. I wish I knew why. This wasn’t always so. A long time ago (no pun intended), sci-fi was a serious genre. Remember shows like Star Trek, Dr. Who and The Twilight Zone? Shows like those were way ahead of their time. If you go back and watch those shows today, you’ll notice something remarkable. A lot of the technology they used in the shows that didn’t exist then, exists today. For example: The Internet, cell phones, touch screen monitors, smart phones, personal computers, holograms, miniaturization, time travel…well maybe not time travel, but everything else in that list is all a major part of people’s lives today. I don’t know where I would be without my IPhone. How I ever lived without that, I’ll never know.

Science Fiction inspires innovation. Sci-fi used to be a goal setter for future scientist, plus it was a hell of a lot of fun to watch. However, when Star Wars came out it ruined everything. Yes, Star Wars ruined Sci-Fi. First of all Star Wars isn’t even sci-fi! It’s a fantasy movie disguised as sci-fi, but because people are more attracted to fantasy than sci-fi (i.e. Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, religion LOL!), Star War became very popular and unfortunately it also became the de facto sci-fi movie, even though it isn’t sci-fi. I’m sorry, but Star Wars as science fiction licks balls! I hate Star Wars and everything that has to do with it for that very reason. And it’s not even that good of a story, have you seen Episode 1, 2, and 3?

To be honest, I am only half teasing Gorge Lucas. I admire and respect him for his work. I don’t actually hate the Star Wars saga, but it does bother me that it gets labeled as sci-fi. It gives science fiction a bad name. Because other than the space travel and a mechanical half man half douche-bag character, Star Wars doesn’t exhibit any science fiction behaviors in the least. Sci-fi is supposed to be serious “what would it be like if” stories. Not about some whiny wannabe Jedi master sock puppets…no offence Mr. Oz! It’s all a joke!

That is until 2009. One can argue that 2009 is a sort of rebirth for the serious sci-fi fan. During that year, we saw the making of four great sci-fi movies: Star Trek, District 9, Avatar, and Moon. Finally, Hollywood has started to make sci-fi movies that celebrate the genre instead of ridiculing it. And that thrills me to no end.

Today, I am reviewing the movie Moon. I know it’s kind of a hokey title, but nevertheless, Moon packs some great sci-fi story telling. The premise of Moon is that an employee of Lunar Industries (a futuristic energy delivery enterprise), Sam Bell (Sam Rockwell) was contracted to extract helium-3 from lunar soil to be used as an alternative and cleaner energy source back on Earth. Sam was alone on the moon station, but he had an A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) robot, GERTY, that kept him company. The contract required that he served three years on the moon monitoring the machines and then exporting the goods back to earth.

Sam was happy working for the company; he had no real complaints. He spent his off hours building models, exercising and watching TV. However, as much he loved his job, he was also looking forward to going home back to his wife and daughter in three weeks time when his contract was over. During his time on the moon, he was not allowed to have real-time contact with his family. Instead, he was allowed video messages to be sent back and forth and he always looks forward to them. The messages lifted his spirits whenever he was down. Poor guy!

GERTY, the robot that kept him company, had been programmed to keep Sam healthy and happy. His job was to monitor Sam’s physical and mental status. Part of Sam’s job was to report any thing out of the ordinary especially if he started having visions which could cause serious repercussions to himself and to the station. This was all monitored very carefully. GERTY was also supposed to report to corporate anything out of the ordinary involving Sam if Sam neglected to report anything. GERTY was quite an astute robot.

However, towards the end of his contract, Sam does started seeing things that weren’t there, but he did not report it. GERTY began to get suspicious, but Sam thought he could handle it especially since his time was almost up and so he continued to do his job. However, while he was out on a routine run to and from the machines, he had another hallucination, but this time it happened while he was driving the moon rover which caused him to lose control of the vehicle and he crashed.

Sam woke up later at the base and GERTY was there at his bed side and explained to him that he had an accident, but that he was going to be okay. Sam was a little shaken up, but it was nothing serious. He was eager to get back to work, but GERTY had been told by corporate not to allow him outside until he was fully recovered; probably for insurance purposes. However, Sam managed to convince GERTY to allow him to go out and do his job and off he went.

Sam left the station on his moon rover, but instead of going to work, he decided to visit the crash site. Maybe he forgot something, who knows. He found the crash site and entered the vehicle, but he noticed that there was someone in the vehicle. This was very odd to him since he was supposed to be alone on the moon. The person seemed unconscious, possibly hurt, so he went to his aid. The person was wearing a space suit and there was moon dust covering his face shield so he couldn’t see who it was. He tried to help the man, but first he wiped the man’s face shield to see who he was helping. Sam was surprised to learn that the man in the rover looked just like him. Was this another hallucination or was there something else going on?

I probably have said too much already. Moon is a great sci-fi movie; it is also a great all around movie. It is like a really good episode of Twilight Zone that keeps unfolding mystery after mystery. Sam Rockwell was excellent in this role and so were the special effects used to make this movie. The story is very sci-fi and unique and I think any real sci-fi fan would love this film. It is an incredible piece of filmmaking from beginning to end; you should definitely not miss out.

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