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The Proposal Review

The Proposal

The Proposal was very, very funny. It was a bit cheesy, yes! It was predictable, yes! However, between Sandra, Betty and Nuñes the film was quite entertaining and unique regardless of all the cheesiness and predictably. I say rent this movie and enjoy it!

My rating 3.5 Stars

Oh Sandra, you just might be the next Meryl Streep if you’re not careful. So far you’ve done action, comedies and dramas and you have done them all well. You have an incredible gift and talent that most actors can only dream about. I just love your spark and your enthusiasm. I love your approach to the roles you play and each line you deliver is done with flawless passion. You are gracious in victory and most importantly in defeat and that was obvious during your speech at the Razzies.

Of course I am talking about the one and only Sandra Bullock; who else? Amy Adams will always be my favorite actress, but Sandra is a close second, well, at least she’s in my top 5. She is just too funny in the roles that she plays and in real life during interviews. I love and respect her outlook on life and how she embraces the film business.

Sandra stared in three of the many movies in my Watch List for 2009, those movies are: The Blind Side, All About Steve, and The Proposal. She won an Academy Award for Best Female Lead Role for her portrayal of Leigh Anne Tuohy in The Blind Side. Unfortunately, she also got a Razzy for worse performance of the year for her part in All About Steve. However, she not only went to the Razzies ceremony, but she accepted the dishonor with “pride”. That is what makes her great, she’s not afraid to poke fun at herself and that is why she is such a great entertainer and why I admire her so much.

I’ve already reviewed The Blind Side and I am sort of looking forward to seeing All About Steve since everyone hated it so much, I would like to see for myself what the big deal was. However, Steve will have to wait. Today I’ll be reviewing The Proposal.

Sandra played Margaret Tate, an executive editor in chief of a book publishing company and a native of the home of the best sport in the world, curling! It turned out that Margaret was not well liked by her co-workers, she was not a very nice person at all. She was mean, controlling, rude and coldhearted. This is very obvious throughout the movie.

Of course no matter how mean and nasty she was, her employers loved her. She was a shark and that’s what these big companies like in their employees; so they were more than thrilled with her. However, they found out—apparently before she did—that her visa renewal had been rejected and she was in danger of being deported back to Canada. If she was deported, she would not be allowed to work for any American company not even by telecommuting. It wasn’t legal and the company was not willing to risk it. She was about to lose her job when her assistant walked in and interrupted the meeting. At first she was annoyed with the interruption when suddenly she had an epiphany. She grabbed her assistant by the arm and announced to the board that there was not going to be any deportation because she had been planning on marring her assistant all along.

Of course the laws in this country aren’t that simple, but for the sake of the comedy, Hollywood always takes liberties. Plus most people don’t know the real immigration laws so I guess it’s okay. However, just so you know, marring an American does not automatically make you a citizen, you can still be deported.

Margaret and her husband to be, Andrew Paxton, went down to immigration to begin the proceedings. Mr. Gilbertson, the immigration agent investigating Margaret’s case made it clear that if they were caught trying to defraud the government that there would be serious implications for both parties. But Margaret didn’t care, she wanted to stay and she wasn’t even thinking about Andrew. The shrew!

Andrew of course wasn’t thrilled about the proposal, but then he too thought he could use this opportunity to further his career by proposing a deal. It would be a win/win situation for both, a business proposition of sorts and that way they could both get what they wanted. She would get to stay in the country and keep her high status job and he could get promoted to editor and have his chosen manuscript published.

One problem remained, Andrew’s family needed to know about the engagement to appease Mr. Gilbertson. The challenge, they lived in Alaska! Most of the movie takes place in Alaska, it gives me shivers just thinking about it. Not because of the cold, but because I hate that place…Listen, nothing good comes from Alaska except for perhaps king crabs and salmons. Remember, Sarah Palin is from there and look how much trouble she’s caused. My neighbor is also from Alaska and no one in our neighborhood can stand him. But I’ll have to put all that aside and judge this movie fairly and not by my previous experiences with the state.

The truth is that Alaska is quite stunning! Some of the scenery in the movie was just breath taking…okay, that’s enough of that oil infested place! This movie isn’t going to win any awards for cinematography. So there! However, it was nominated for several comedy awards and rightly so. Both Sandra and Betty White were hysterical in their roles. Didn’t I mention that Betty White was also in this movie? Betty White played Andrew’s grandmother and she was a peach. She was superb, magnificent as only Betty White can be! There was a moment in the movie where Betty is fitting a wedding dress on Sandra and she’s feeling Sandra up trying to find her breasts, “They gotta be in there, somewhere!” she said. I laughed for the rest of the movie thinking about that part, I honestly don’t remember the rest of the film!

Another funny and creative aspect of this film was Oscar Nuñez. Now, I don’t know who the hell this man is; I have never seen him before in my life! However, he was pretty darn funny too. He played several characters in the movie, but it wasn’t like an Eddie Murphy movie where he played several characters at once. No, this was different, in Sitka, Alaska, where Andrew’s family lives, the population 9000 is kind of small for a community. So Nuñez who played the character of Ramone held many jobs in the town. He was a waiter, the only male stripper in town, a shopkeeper and finally he was also a minister. Each time we get to see Ramon on screen we all think the same thing, “Hey, wasn’t that the waiter!”, “Hey, isn’t that the stripper?” Ramone was definitely one of the highlights of this movie.

The Proposal was very, very funny. It was a bit cheesy, yes! It was predictable, yes! However, between Sandra, Betty and Nuñes the film was quite entertaining and unique regardless of all the cheesiness and predictably. I say rent this movie and enjoy it!

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