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Halfway There!

I am about to hit a milestone in my little project, the halfway mark! I am just under half of the 254 movies in my list. That is a 120 movies I’ve watched so far from 2009. There have been a few really dreadful movies like: Miss March, Land of the Lost, Not Forgotten, there are a few others, but thankfully most haven’t been that bad. There have been some really nice surprises too. There have been movies that I thought were going to be terrible or at best just okay, but I ended up liking quite a lot, like: The Merry Gentleman, Make the Yuletide Gay, The Girlfriend Experience, Dead Snow, and The Brother’s Bloom are among some of those films. I’m glad I watched them. Then there are those that I absolutely loved. The type of movies that makes me happy I made this goal part of my weekly routine. Sure, it’s a short list, but it’s quite a list. I absolutely love these films; they have snuck their way into my top 100 of all time and that is very difficult to do. Those movies are: The Hurt Locker, Avatar, Away We Go, Phoebe in Wonderland, Sunshine Cleaning, Sin Nombre and Precious. However, I am only halfway done. I still have a host of great movies to watch. The bad news is that there are still a pile of bad ones too. I hope and pray that some of those bad ones turn out to be nice surprises.

As for my enthusiasm about this project, it has been difficult these past few months. Between curling, the Olympics, the Oscars, and my editor being extremely busy with her own work, I am currently behind with my reviews by almost 40 movies. I have been really good at watching three or four movies on a weekly basis. However, writing my reviews has proven to be quite a challenge. The good news is that I think I have come to a point where I don’t feel comfortable if I don’t write on a daily basis and that was part of my goal, to try and develop a habit for writing. The bad news, not all my writing make it to the blog. Simply because most of it sucks! Thought, I think I am getting better and that is also part of my goal. So there is hope for me yet and I am hoping that I can start publishing more than just one or two reviews a week. As always, thank you all for reading my movie blog and for being part of my quest to improve myself.

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