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Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs Review

Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs

Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs is a great family picture. It is funny, entertaining, cute, well written and well animated. It is a great time.

My rating 3.5 Stars

Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs—HUH? What the hell does that mean? Oh! You mean HAIL the size of meatballs—No? Are you telling me that it’s going to rain food? If it rains meatballs, I will not be eating any of it, especially with all of the pollution in the air these days; I’m not a big fan of acid meatballs. And isn’t it enough that we have to dodge bird crap already and now we have to dodge meatballs too? What is the world coming to? Why can’t it rain money, or solutions to problems, or liberals with bigger balls!

All kidding aside Cloudy is a really cute kid’s movie that is also smart and entertaining enough for adults. I consider it a great film for the entire family. There aren’t a lot of family friendly movies out there. Let me rephrase that, there aren’t a lot of “good” family friendly movies out there. There are a ton of kid’s movies that are intended to be family films, but in reality the average adult would be bored out of their minds and not want anything to do with them. Thankfully, Cloudy was not like any of those.

Cloudy was loosely based on a kid’s book of the same title. However, other than the title and the fact that food falls from the sky the stories are quite different. I am not going to get into the plot of the book in this review. If you want, you can always pick up a copy at your local book monger. It should only take you about ten minutes out of your busy life to read it. It is, after all, a really short book since it’s meant for kids.

The movie was about a lame inventor, Flint Lockwood, (not to be confused with Flintlock Wood which one might find in a Sarah Palin kid’s book,) who had about the worst luck when it came to doing his job. Encouraged by his mother, Flint went on to invent a number of different things including: Rat-birds (which became a real nuisance around the island. Really, did no one see this coming?), a remote control TV (This thing sprouted legs and walked towards you so you can change the channel, unfortunately the TV was easily spooked by the TV shows and therefore would always try to run away from it. I guess it wasn’t smart enough to turn itself off), there were the Spray on Shoes (unfortunately you can never take the shoes off, instead you must wait for them to wear off), Hair Un-Balder (unfortunately it makes you grow hair everywhere, and I mean everywhere, man!), plus many, many more failed inventions.

Flint was a failure, but he wasn’t a quitter! He was also the laughing stock of the island, but he didn’t let that discourage him. Although he never invented anything practical; in fact most of his inventions caused more problems for the people of the island; he kept at it. He really thought that someday he would invent something that people would want. That is until one day he discovered a way to change the water molecule in to amino acids and proteins. With this idea he created a machine that would turn water into different foods. Unfortunately, as always, something went wrong. The machine was blasted high into the troposphere where it began to gather limitless amounts of water from the atmosphere to convert it into the programmed food and then dropped it to the earth as if it was precipitation. It was a big hit, the people loved it and the requests came pouring in to make it rain all sorts of foods from: ice-cream, hamburgers, pizza, fried chicken, vegetables, deserts, breakfast, lunch, the possibilities were endless.

Everything seemed to be going great; until people started getting greedy. The machine was being worked to death and the more orders people put in the harder the machine had to work. As the machine started to overload, food began to get bigger and bigger. However, the people wanted more. They didn’t see the problem of the food getting bigger. They thought it was great, the bigger the food the better! And so they kept ordering more of it until the machine became completely out of control and now the lives of the people in the island became threatened by it. 

Cloudy was a great little movie. The animation was top notch and the story, even though it was simple and infantile like, it was still quite entertaining and educational. Cloudy shows kids a great moral story about the consequences of the bigger and faster mentality.  The adults will also like this movie. Mr. T was hysterical and the details of the movie were exquisite. The movie was just a bit long. It could’ve benefited from further editing, but hang in there! I think in the end you won’t be disappointed.

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