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Land of the Lost Review

Land Of The Lost

Land of the Lost was a colossal waste of time and money, it was an insult to the creators of the original TV show, and it is an insult to parents and children everywhere.

My rating 0.5 Stars

Did you happen to watch the 82nd Academy Awards Show? Do you remember that moment when Ben Stiller came out to present one of the awards? He was in full costume and make up as a Na’vi character? He did a comedy bit at the expense of James Cameron, but the bit wasn’t funny. No one in the audience laughed. In fact, even Ben Stiller admitted the bit seemed like a much better idea during rehearsal. The bit was a failure and it was painful to watch.

The same can be said about Land of the Lost starring Will Ferrell. The movie has several problems or at least I have several issues with this movie. First and foremost, this story was a take on a 70’s children’s TV show. The TV show was extremely low budget, so the sets were always very silly looking, but since their audiences were children this didn’t matter at all. The show was very innocent; it was meant to be safe for children to watch and maybe even educate them. What the producers of this film did was take an innocent idea and turn it into some kind of ill-conceived acid trip that was not only inappropriate for children, but also unwatchable for intelligent adults. In my opinion the movie is not based on the show as they claim instead the movie mocks the show, it ridicules it and it insults it. Granted the show probably deserves a little mocking. After all the show featured some pretty sad looking sets most of the time. However, this was beyond anything out of the realm of good taste and the producers of this movie should’ve known better.

This isn’t a kid’s movie and no parent should ever show this movie to their children. The movie is rated PG-13, but in my opinion it should’ve been rated R. There were strong implications of sex, drug use, masturbation, glorification of sexual harassment, adult language, and even strong adult language. The word “Fuck” even made it into the movie; I nearly fell of my chair when I heard it.  I don’t have a problem with any of these in film. I don’t even have a problem with young kids watching adult movies with these types of themes, but I do have a problem when they market a movie as a kid’s movie and it’s laced with all sort of inappropriate situations like these. Why is that a problem? Because it gives the parent a false sense of security and that is just wrong.

A responsible parent might miss the PG-13 rating. Ratings can be easily overlooked. Especially when a movie is marketed saying that it is based on an old kid’s show. Think about it. If they made a movie about Mr. Rogers or Sesame Street wouldn’t one assume that is safe for children? Have you ever tried going to Whitehouse dot com? You will not get the White House’s website as you would expect. The developers of Whitehouse dot com did this deliberately so that it would attract traffic to their site. They were chastised for it and the makers of this movie should also be chastised for what they’ve done here.

Second, the movie isn’t even funny! I don’t know who thinks that Will Ferrell is funny. Other than Talladega Nights and Stranger Than Fiction, Will Ferrell hasn’t made anything I would consider good. He’s one of many comedians that I think are infinitely boring and stupid. Not only is the movie extremely inappropriate it’s not even funny enough to justify it being inappropriate.

Something that really shocked me after watching this movie was that after I was finished watching, I went straight to Roger Ebert’s site to see what he thought of the movie. Normally, Roger and I have similar taste. This is the first time that I actually thought that maybe the chemo fried his brain temporarily or something. Either that or he must’ve been high. (Which is the only way I would recommend anyone would watches this movie. Stoned or loaded!) I think he is giving the movie way too much credit when it doesn’t even deserve it. This is truly an awful movie. The next time you watch a bad movie, think about this one, I bet you that you will immediately think that whatever you just saw that you thought was bad, will start to look like a freaking masterpiece. Land of the Lost was a colossal waste of time and money, it was an insult to the creators of the original TV show, and it is an insult to parents and children everywhere. Will Ferrell can “Suck It!”

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