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Make the Yuletide Gay Review

Make The Yuletide Gay

Make the Yuletide Gay was surprisingly cute and funny.

My rating 3.5 Stars

I was going through my list of movies for the month of May and comparing it to the list on Wikipedia and I noticed that there was an extra movie on Wikipedia that was neither in my Watch List nor my Do Not Watch List. This wasn’t an oversight, remember that Wikipedia is constantly changing; that is the great feature of the site. Of course it does make my job a bit more challenging. I have to constantly go back and forth to see what’s different and hope that they haven’t removed a movie that I have already seen.

This time they added an extra movie that wasn’t there when I first made my list back in September. The movie is called Make the Yuletide Gay. It was written and directed by a guy name Rob Williams. When I first saw Rob’s name I thought it said Robin Williams; I don’t believe they are the same person or that they are related in any way. However, I did get a nice chuckle when I finally saw his name on the screen and thought, “That’s not Robin, you idiot!” Sometimes I really wonder about myself!

Make the Yuletide Gay is about a gay college student named Olaf “Gunn” Gunnunderson who has yet to come out to his parents. There was no doubt in his mind that he was gay. He had been dating his current boyfriend Nathan Stanford for a while and the relationship was pretty serious. Gunn wasn’t ashamed of being gay, but he was afraid of coming out to his parents.

The movie began at the start of the school’s Christmas break. As most students do around that time, they go back to their parents’ house to spend their vacation with them. Gunn had a tradition for every time he went home. He would stop at a gas station and use the rest room to change into his “straight” clothes. The look was very drab and boring, but he didn’t care, he just didn’t want to give his parents any clues that he was gay. Of course this is something he always regretted. It wasn’t that he was trying to keep his parents out of his personal life. It wasn’t that he didn’t like his parents. Of course not, in fact, he loved his parents very much.

The reason he was afraid of coming out to his parents was because during his time in college he had seen others come out to their parents and the reaction was always different. There didn’t seem to be any logical pattern he could see. He just wasn’t sure if his parents would support him or not, but that didn’t worry him very much. What worried him most was that his parents wouldn’t love him anymore, like he had seen with so many of his peers.   He couldn’t bear the thought of losing his parents love.

Nathan, on the other hand, had come out to his parents, but not in a subtle way. His parents caught him in bed with another boy while the two were sleeping. Some might think that because they were young boys it could still be something innocent, however, I guess the boys were naked at the time. This didn’t go over very well. From that point on the relationship between Nathan and his parents was…distant. Nathan at one point wished that his mother loved him as she had before that night. Heartbreaking!

Like Gunn, Nathan had plans to go back home and spend the holidays with his parents. They weren’t perfect, but he still loved them and wanted to be with them. However, the plans had changed at the last minute. Nathans parents had won a Christmas cruise so Nathan would have to spend the holidays by himself. Not to worry, he decided that instead of spending the holidays by his lonesome that he would go spend them with Gunn’s family.

Nathan surprised Gunn and they were thrilled to see each other. However, they must pretend that Nathan was just a friend from college, and Nathan was more than happy to go a long with the charade. The Gunn’s were thrilled to have a friend of their son’s over and they treated Nathan like family. I think that he thought that Gunn had the coolest parents. The Gunns were hysterical. The father liked his pot, he was a stereotypical hippy, but he was also a very happy and sweet man. He wasn’t the smartest man, (his short term memory was atrocious, probably attributed to all the pot smoking) but not totally ignorant either. He loved his wife, he loved his son and he loved being alive.

The mother was a chipper sweet woman who enjoyed being a little naughty once in a while. She loved her husband and her son very much and she always looked forward to seeing her son during the holidays. She was so funny. She would make these off the wall comments and she had no idea that she was being inappropriate which added to the comedy level. For instance she was making pancake balls for the boys one morning when and she blurted out to them, “Hurry along boys, you don’t want your balls to get cold!” Her lines were pun after pun and she delivered them flawlessly.

The mother’s only flaw was that she wanted Gunn to find a nice girl to settle down with. She wanted him to be happy after all and she had no idea he was gay. She kept trying to hook up Gunn with a girl from the neighborhood that she thought was a nice young lady. In reality the nice young lady was a flighty little pill herself, she would only act like a good girl around Mrs. Gunn because she liked her.

I loved this movie from start to finish. The movie gets a bad rap because the acting wasn’t very strong. Yes, the acting wasn’t great, but the story was so nice and it was such a funny movie, it is just worth taking a look. It was also an innocent look at such a controversial subject. Controversial, that is so weird to me! Why is this subject so controversial in the first place? I just don’t understand what the problem is! In my opinion there are a few qualities in people that are really bad for us: greed, pride, jealousy, and others. You may recognize some of them, though you might call them seven deadly sins. But there’s one that I think is worse and no one ever seems to talk about it—ignorance!

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