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The Proposal Review

The Proposal

The Proposal was very, very funny. It was a bit cheesy, yes! It was predictable, yes! However, between Sandra, Betty and Nuñes the film was quite entertaining and unique regardless of all the cheesiness and predictably. I say rent this movie and enjoy it!

My rating 3.5 Stars

Oh Sandra, you just might be the next Meryl Streep if you’re not careful. So far you’ve done action, comedies and dramas and you have done them all well. You have an incredible gift and talent that most actors can only dream about. I just love your spark and your enthusiasm. I love your approach to the roles you play and each line you deliver is done with flawless passion. You are gracious in victory and most importantly in defeat and that was obvious during your speech at the Razzies.

Of course I am talking about the one and only Sandra Bullock; who else? Amy Adams will always be my favorite actress, but Sandra is a close second, well, at least she’s in my top 5. She is just too funny in the roles that she plays and in real life during interviews. I love and respect her outlook on life and how she embraces the film business.

Sandra stared in three of the many movies in my Watch List for 2009, those movies are: The Blind Side, All About Steve, and The Proposal. She won an Academy Award for Best Female Lead Role for her portrayal of Leigh Anne Tuohy in The Blind Side. Unfortunately, she also got a Razzy for worse performance of the year for her part in All About Steve. However, she not only went to the Razzies ceremony, but she accepted the dishonor with “pride”. That is what makes her great, she’s not afraid to poke fun at herself and that is why she is such a great entertainer and why I admire her so much.

I’ve already reviewed The Blind Side and I am sort of looking forward to seeing All About Steve since everyone hated it so much, I would like to see for myself what the big deal was. However, Steve will have to wait. Today I’ll be reviewing The Proposal.

Sandra played Margaret Tate, an executive editor in chief of a book publishing company and a native of the home of the best sport in the world, curling! It turned out that Margaret was not well liked by her co-workers, she was not a very nice person at all. She was mean, controlling, rude and coldhearted. This is very obvious throughout the movie.

Of course no matter how mean and nasty she was, her employers loved her. She was a shark and that’s what these big companies like in their employees; so they were more than thrilled with her. However, they found out—apparently before she did—that her visa renewal had been rejected and she was in danger of being deported back to Canada. If she was deported, she would not be allowed to work for any American company not even by telecommuting. It wasn’t legal and the company was not willing to risk it. She was about to lose her job when her assistant walked in and interrupted the meeting. At first she was annoyed with the interruption when suddenly she had an epiphany. She grabbed her assistant by the arm and announced to the board that there was not going to be any deportation because she had been planning on marring her assistant all along.

Of course the laws in this country aren’t that simple, but for the sake of the comedy, Hollywood always takes liberties. Plus most people don’t know the real immigration laws so I guess it’s okay. However, just so you know, marring an American does not automatically make you a citizen, you can still be deported.

Margaret and her husband to be, Andrew Paxton, went down to immigration to begin the proceedings. Mr. Gilbertson, the immigration agent investigating Margaret’s case made it clear that if they were caught trying to defraud the government that there would be serious implications for both parties. But Margaret didn’t care, she wanted to stay and she wasn’t even thinking about Andrew. The shrew!

Andrew of course wasn’t thrilled about the proposal, but then he too thought he could use this opportunity to further his career by proposing a deal. It would be a win/win situation for both, a business proposition of sorts and that way they could both get what they wanted. She would get to stay in the country and keep her high status job and he could get promoted to editor and have his chosen manuscript published.

One problem remained, Andrew’s family needed to know about the engagement to appease Mr. Gilbertson. The challenge, they lived in Alaska! Most of the movie takes place in Alaska, it gives me shivers just thinking about it. Not because of the cold, but because I hate that place…Listen, nothing good comes from Alaska except for perhaps king crabs and salmons. Remember, Sarah Palin is from there and look how much trouble she’s caused. My neighbor is also from Alaska and no one in our neighborhood can stand him. But I’ll have to put all that aside and judge this movie fairly and not by my previous experiences with the state.

The truth is that Alaska is quite stunning! Some of the scenery in the movie was just breath taking…okay, that’s enough of that oil infested place! This movie isn’t going to win any awards for cinematography. So there! However, it was nominated for several comedy awards and rightly so. Both Sandra and Betty White were hysterical in their roles. Didn’t I mention that Betty White was also in this movie? Betty White played Andrew’s grandmother and she was a peach. She was superb, magnificent as only Betty White can be! There was a moment in the movie where Betty is fitting a wedding dress on Sandra and she’s feeling Sandra up trying to find her breasts, “They gotta be in there, somewhere!” she said. I laughed for the rest of the movie thinking about that part, I honestly don’t remember the rest of the film!

Another funny and creative aspect of this film was Oscar Nuñez. Now, I don’t know who the hell this man is; I have never seen him before in my life! However, he was pretty darn funny too. He played several characters in the movie, but it wasn’t like an Eddie Murphy movie where he played several characters at once. No, this was different, in Sitka, Alaska, where Andrew’s family lives, the population 9000 is kind of small for a community. So Nuñez who played the character of Ramone held many jobs in the town. He was a waiter, the only male stripper in town, a shopkeeper and finally he was also a minister. Each time we get to see Ramon on screen we all think the same thing, “Hey, wasn’t that the waiter!”, “Hey, isn’t that the stripper?” Ramone was definitely one of the highlights of this movie.

The Proposal was very, very funny. It was a bit cheesy, yes! It was predictable, yes! However, between Sandra, Betty and Nuñes the film was quite entertaining and unique regardless of all the cheesiness and predictably. I say rent this movie and enjoy it!


Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs Review

Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs

Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs is a great family picture. It is funny, entertaining, cute, well written and well animated. It is a great time.

My rating 3.5 Stars

Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs—HUH? What the hell does that mean? Oh! You mean HAIL the size of meatballs—No? Are you telling me that it’s going to rain food? If it rains meatballs, I will not be eating any of it, especially with all of the pollution in the air these days; I’m not a big fan of acid meatballs. And isn’t it enough that we have to dodge bird crap already and now we have to dodge meatballs too? What is the world coming to? Why can’t it rain money, or solutions to problems, or liberals with bigger balls!

All kidding aside Cloudy is a really cute kid’s movie that is also smart and entertaining enough for adults. I consider it a great film for the entire family. There aren’t a lot of family friendly movies out there. Let me rephrase that, there aren’t a lot of “good” family friendly movies out there. There are a ton of kid’s movies that are intended to be family films, but in reality the average adult would be bored out of their minds and not want anything to do with them. Thankfully, Cloudy was not like any of those.

Cloudy was loosely based on a kid’s book of the same title. However, other than the title and the fact that food falls from the sky the stories are quite different. I am not going to get into the plot of the book in this review. If you want, you can always pick up a copy at your local book monger. It should only take you about ten minutes out of your busy life to read it. It is, after all, a really short book since it’s meant for kids.

The movie was about a lame inventor, Flint Lockwood, (not to be confused with Flintlock Wood which one might find in a Sarah Palin kid’s book,) who had about the worst luck when it came to doing his job. Encouraged by his mother, Flint went on to invent a number of different things including: Rat-birds (which became a real nuisance around the island. Really, did no one see this coming?), a remote control TV (This thing sprouted legs and walked towards you so you can change the channel, unfortunately the TV was easily spooked by the TV shows and therefore would always try to run away from it. I guess it wasn’t smart enough to turn itself off), there were the Spray on Shoes (unfortunately you can never take the shoes off, instead you must wait for them to wear off), Hair Un-Balder (unfortunately it makes you grow hair everywhere, and I mean everywhere, man!), plus many, many more failed inventions.

Flint was a failure, but he wasn’t a quitter! He was also the laughing stock of the island, but he didn’t let that discourage him. Although he never invented anything practical; in fact most of his inventions caused more problems for the people of the island; he kept at it. He really thought that someday he would invent something that people would want. That is until one day he discovered a way to change the water molecule in to amino acids and proteins. With this idea he created a machine that would turn water into different foods. Unfortunately, as always, something went wrong. The machine was blasted high into the troposphere where it began to gather limitless amounts of water from the atmosphere to convert it into the programmed food and then dropped it to the earth as if it was precipitation. It was a big hit, the people loved it and the requests came pouring in to make it rain all sorts of foods from: ice-cream, hamburgers, pizza, fried chicken, vegetables, deserts, breakfast, lunch, the possibilities were endless.

Everything seemed to be going great; until people started getting greedy. The machine was being worked to death and the more orders people put in the harder the machine had to work. As the machine started to overload, food began to get bigger and bigger. However, the people wanted more. They didn’t see the problem of the food getting bigger. They thought it was great, the bigger the food the better! And so they kept ordering more of it until the machine became completely out of control and now the lives of the people in the island became threatened by it. 

Cloudy was a great little movie. The animation was top notch and the story, even though it was simple and infantile like, it was still quite entertaining and educational. Cloudy shows kids a great moral story about the consequences of the bigger and faster mentality.  The adults will also like this movie. Mr. T was hysterical and the details of the movie were exquisite. The movie was just a bit long. It could’ve benefited from further editing, but hang in there! I think in the end you won’t be disappointed.

Imagine That Review

Imagine That

Imagine That a movie called Imagine That requires you to imagine the special effects instead of including them in the movie. What a great way to save a couple of millions of dollars. Fail!

My review 3 Stars

Imagine that you had the power to summon imaginary people that would help you with serious decisions. Not only that, but imagine that they could help you choose your friends by telling you who was a good person and who wasn’t. Imagine that these imaginary people were capable of giving you proprietary information about a company so that you would have an edge over other investors. You could make sound financial decisions on the stock market based on these decisions and best of all, they are never wrong. Imagine that! That would be so damn cool!

Of course that is all fantasy; we know that we could never do that. People who do this for a living spend hours, days even months doing research on a company in order to make these financial decisions. It’s an interesting trade, one that takes enormous amounts of skill and luck. If you’re good at it you can make a ton of money, and people do. Nevertheless, no matter how good a financial executive is, you can rest assured they are not getting their information from imaginary people. That is unless your financial executive is Eddie Murphy.

I know I’m being silly. But that is because this movie was silly; unfortunately, not in a good way. Eddie Murphy’s newest release, Imagine That, hit the theaters in May last year. I don’t want to say that it was a flop, but let’s be honest and call a spade a spade, it was a flop. They spend about 55 million dollars to make this movie and only made about $15 million. I think it is their own fault and I have a couple of theories as to why.

First, the film had no special effects at all which is ironic that a film called Imagine That didn’t sport any special effects whatsoever. The producers of the film decided to take the title of the movie literarily and required the viewer to imagine everything that was going on. If this had been a low budget film produced by my Uncle Bob, I would’ve given him a lot of credit for it, but this wasn’t a low budget film and my Uncle Bob had nothing to do with it. How dare you Hollywood make me use my imagination? If I wanted to use my imagination, I would play an Infocom game. Seriously though, in a world were visual stimuli is rampant especially for children, did the producers of this movie really expect to turn a profit with this flick?

Second, was this a kid’s movie, or was this movie made for adults? Hmmm, I have no clue. I’d guess that the target audiences for this movie were adults that were still in the child stage, the brain dead, the comatose, or people with some sort of mental retardation. The film had a kid’s movie feel to it, but at the same time the dialog was a bit too sophisticated for young people. Perhaps sophisticated is not the right term, but would children understand or be entertained by talks of the financial standings of a corporation? I think not. I have no idea what they were thinking when they wrote the script for this movie.

It is too bad though because I thought the story wasn’t that awful. The little girl was adorable and she did a great job with the role. Also her imaginary friend’s names were quite fun and creative. There was Goo Gaa, Sepeda, Tapeda, kulin kuling kunfly, okay I made that last one up. I honestly don’t remember the names of the imaginary characters, but I do remember that they sounded like fun. Unfortunately, we never met them because the producers were too freaking cheap to conjure them up. It is too bad too because by the way that the little girl described them, they sounded like interesting characters. However, instead of meeting these imaginary characters we saw the mediocre performance of Eddie Murphy pretending to have conversations with characters that aren’t there. Because of this the movie felt incomplete and your brain will be left confused as if subconsciously it knows that there is something missing from the scene and that leads to a less than stellar film. I can’t in good faith recommend this movie. If you really want to see it go ahead, I won’t stop you. It’s not a horrible film; it just isn’t a very good one.

Dead Snow Review

Dead Snow

Dead Snow is extremely silly, violent and totally plotless. It was awesome! A great movie to watch when you want to reboot the ol’ noodle!

My rating 3.5 Stars

How many types of horror film monsters can you name? Here’s a few off the top of my head, there are: zombies, the living dead, the undead, demons, slashers, mutants… frozen Nazi zombies? WTF? What will they think of next? Horror films can be fun if done right, but I’m always skeptical.  It’s not that I don’t like them. It’s that there aren’t many that I think are good. When I watch a horror movie, I would love to be scared by it…fat chance! Since that is not going to happen then at least I would like to see some serious carnage, and lots of blood, and lots of flesh being torn to bits. Now, that is my idea of a good time! Unfortunately, that doesn’t happen too often in movies because the American film industry thinks that the American film viewer won’t be able to handle it. Maybe they’re right, what do I know? What I do know is that we don’t get to see the carnage too often and on the off chance that we do see it, it’s not very creative or realistic. BORING!

When I put Dead Snow on my list, my first impression was that I have never seen a Scandinavian film before, let alone a Scandinavian horror film. I wondered if I would like it, I wondered if it would be any good. The film was made by Norwegian filmmakers up in the mountains of Norway. I don’t know anything about the Norwegian film industry, but after seeing Dead Snow I think that these people are sick and I love it. This probably explains the Norwegian curling team pants during the 2010 Olympics. I’m starting to like these people! Plus they have a really cool coast line, have you seen this? It must’ve been a nightmare to map out before they had satellite imagery. How did they do that?

Dead Snow started with a group of pre-med students who were taking their Easter vacation break up in the mountains of Norway. One of the students, Vegard, had a girlfriend who owned a cabin up in the mountain where a host of different winter activities awaited them, sports like: skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling, hacking up Nazi zombies—wait that wasn’t part of the plan. But it does end up as THE one activity that they do the most.

The plan was that they were going to spend the night there while they waited for Vegard’s girlfriend to show up. In the morning she would take them on a tour of the mountain and have a good time. Little did they know that that first night at the cabin would be their last night alive! As they sat around enjoying each other’s company while drinking and having fun, there was a knock at the door. It was some random man on his way back to his tent. He just wanted to get warm for a few minutes. The kids let him in, gave him hot coffee and listened to him as he warned them about an evil in the mountains. Of course the kids just thought that the old man was crazy or was just trying to scare them, but they humored him anyway and then sent him on his way.

The next day, Vegard was beginning to worry that his girlfriend was still a no show. Since there was no cell reception up in the mountains he couldn’t call her to make sure everything was okay.  He decided to leave everyone at the cabin while he took the snowmobile up in the mountains to look for her. On his way to find his girlfriend, Vegard came across a tent. Thinking that it might’ve been his girlfriend he peaked inside only to find the strange man from the night before had been eaten alive.

From that point on the Nazi zombies began to pop out of just about everywhere and they were relentless. They were also very creative killers. They took one kid’s head and split it open like a coconut and his brains fell out on to the floor like two big Jell-O molds. Another kid was taken and split in half. If you listened carefully, you can almost hear the Nazi zombies making a wish! (They didn’t translate it, but I’m quite sure that’s what “Arggg RŘŖRЯrřrgg” means. Did you know that in Zombie there are more than 50 unique ‘R’ sounds?) Eyeballs were popped and squeezed out, heads were severed, bodies were mangled, snowmobiles were used in ways they weren’t intended for, people screamed, people ran and fell, and yet more Nazi zombies emerged from the snow. The battle was on, but it was a losing one for the poor pre-med kids who were totally out matched and outnumbered and one of them had an aversion to blood. Not a desired trait when fighting off a mob of Nazi zombies.

The Nazi zombies kicked-ass! I’ve never seen anything like it; it was almost epic. I’m so glad that I saw it. The movie was very fun to watch. It was also funny and featured surprisingly good acting too. They managed to take something normally cheesy and make it fun again. If you’re a fan of good graphic carnage and don’t mind reading a few subtitles, Dead Snow is a must see. Actually, don’t worry about the subtitles so much. There really wasn’t a lot of dialog in the movie, after all most of the spoken lines were just screams of despair and of fright, you don’t need to translate that. Besides, this was Norwegian we’re talking about which is surprisingly similar to English, after all they are related. I even thought it was interesting that they pronounced the ‘K’ in “knife”. I wonder if at some point English did too, but because we’re so damn lazy we stopped pronouncing it. I say let’s stop the shenanigans and drop that stupid ‘K’ entirely…but I stray!

Halfway There!

I am about to hit a milestone in my little project, the halfway mark! I am just under half of the 254 movies in my list. That is a 120 movies I’ve watched so far from 2009. There have been a few really dreadful movies like: Miss March, Land of the Lost, Not Forgotten, there are a few others, but thankfully most haven’t been that bad. There have been some really nice surprises too. There have been movies that I thought were going to be terrible or at best just okay, but I ended up liking quite a lot, like: The Merry Gentleman, Make the Yuletide Gay, The Girlfriend Experience, Dead Snow, and The Brother’s Bloom are among some of those films. I’m glad I watched them. Then there are those that I absolutely loved. The type of movies that makes me happy I made this goal part of my weekly routine. Sure, it’s a short list, but it’s quite a list. I absolutely love these films; they have snuck their way into my top 100 of all time and that is very difficult to do. Those movies are: The Hurt Locker, Avatar, Away We Go, Phoebe in Wonderland, Sunshine Cleaning, Sin Nombre and Precious. However, I am only halfway done. I still have a host of great movies to watch. The bad news is that there are still a pile of bad ones too. I hope and pray that some of those bad ones turn out to be nice surprises.

As for my enthusiasm about this project, it has been difficult these past few months. Between curling, the Olympics, the Oscars, and my editor being extremely busy with her own work, I am currently behind with my reviews by almost 40 movies. I have been really good at watching three or four movies on a weekly basis. However, writing my reviews has proven to be quite a challenge. The good news is that I think I have come to a point where I don’t feel comfortable if I don’t write on a daily basis and that was part of my goal, to try and develop a habit for writing. The bad news, not all my writing make it to the blog. Simply because most of it sucks! Thought, I think I am getting better and that is also part of my goal. So there is hope for me yet and I am hoping that I can start publishing more than just one or two reviews a week. As always, thank you all for reading my movie blog and for being part of my quest to improve myself.

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The Taking of Pelham 123 Review

The Taking of Pelham 123

The Taking of Pelham 123 is not the best movie, but it’s not the worst. My biggest complaint about the movie is the disappointing ending. Otherwise Pelham is quite a roller coaster ride.

My rating 3 Stars

Dennis Ford (John Travolta), a Wall Street high roller, pleaded guilty to a 3 year sentence for some type of investment fraud charge; seven years later he was finally released from prison. He pleaded for 3 years but was given 7. He must’ve been pissed! In fact, he was so pissed that he and a cell mate buddy schemed up a little plan to get even with the City of New York who had convicted him in the first place.

Dennis Ford or Ryder as he likes to be called, along with Phil Ramos his former cell mate and a former MTA conductor, devised a plan to capture one of the subway trains and taking the passengers hostage for the purpose of demanding $10 million from the city. However, Ryder’s plan also benefited from a curious side effect. During his time as an investor, he noticed that the value of the market would tank during a crisis. He thought if he had control of the crisis he would have control of the market. This little side effect would make him more money that just a measly $10 million.

Ryder’s plan was executed and the MTA traffic controllers were left scratching their heads wondering why a train had stopped in its tracks. Eventually Ryder contacts the traffic controllers and gets a hold of Walter Garber (Danzel Washington). Garber, who had just recently been demoted to controller and was about to be investigated for suspicions of taking a bribe, just happened to be at the other end of the radio when Ryder attempted to contact control. At first Garber didn’t feel comfortable talking to Ryder, he felt that someone trained as a hostage negotiator should be the one talking to him. However, Ryder liked the idea of dealing with someone like Garber, inexperienced. I don’t want to say that he trusted him, but he did prefer him over the hostage negotiator who soon took over. However, until the hostage negotiator got there, Garber dealt with him and his first of many demands. Ryder gave the city of New York exactly 60 minutes to come up with $10 million dollars. If the money was not there in 60 minutes he would kill one hostage every minute until they delivered the money.

When the hostage negotiator, Camonetti, finally arrived at the scene, he relieved Garber with his thanks and sent him home. Camonetti took over the operation. However, when he attempted to contact Ryder, all hell broke loose. Ryder was not happy. He wanted Garber back, he was only going to deal with Garber and he made that very clear. Ryder gave Camonetti 60 seconds to get him back on the line or he would kill the driver. Camonetti attempted several times to get him to change his mind, but he was not successful. The driver ended up being shot. At this point Camonetti knew the man was serious and he wasn’t going to play any games. They got Garber back after the execution, but, the police now suspected Garber and Ryder might be in cahoots. Garber’s recent demotion and his pending investigation did not help his case.

Director Tony Scott did an okay job on keeping the suspense throughout the movie. The audience will view Ryder as a real interesting monster. I thought John Travolta played a very convincing A-Hole. Unfortunately, I can’t say the same for Denzel. Ironically, this is very unusual. Normally, I think that Travolta is not the best actor and Denzel is great. Not in this movie. There was something odd about Denzel’s character, I couldn’t tell if he was supposed to be intelligent, naïve, nervous or what. His demeanor kept changing randomly, and I couldn’t put my finger on it. There is a moment in the movie where Denzel is confessing something to Ryder in order to prevent him from shooting another hostage, and I honestly couldn’t tell if he was lying to save the victims life or if he truly was confessing. Something was amiss and I was not too happy with that.

Unfortunately that is not the movie’s only flaw. I hated the ending of this film. These hijackers were obviously very intelligent criminals. Everything was planned out in perfect detail except for one small critical item, the escape! Without giving the ending away, the escape seemed like an afterthought as if they put all of the thinking into the actual hijack but they waited until the day of to come up with an exit plan, kind of like Iraq! This is a real shame because I was really enjoying the movie up until the hijackers began their escape, even with Denzel’s less than average performance. Overall, this wasn’t a completely bad movie. It just wasn’t Tony Scott’s best work. It’s still worth checking out, just don’t get your hopes up.

My Life in Ruins Review

My Life in Ruins

My Life in Ruins, if you’re over 14 skip this movie entirely. It is ignorant, idiotic and not funny at all.

My rating 2.5 Stars

Remember back in 2002 when a little film called My Big Fat Greek Wedding came along and everyone who saw it thought it was just wonderful? Do you remember that movie? That was a great movie. It was written by Nia Vardalos who also played the leading role of Toula and she was brilliant. When I first saw Big Fat Wedding I fell in love with it right away. I thought it was one of the most original and funniest movies I had seen in so long. I thought Nia was just perfect. I thought, here’s a chick that gets it, she knows what funny is supposed to be. I thought we were going to be in for some nice treats after Big Fat Wedding. And like everyone else, I waited, and waited, and waited for that next funny movie, but it never came.

Finally in 2009, I saw that Nia was back on the big screen in a movie called My Life in Ruins. I was so excited. I couldn’t wait for this movie to come out, I was dying, I was itching, and I just knew it was going to be great! However, when the movie finally came out, it was ripped apart by the critics. Not great, but I don’t always trust the critics, they are my starting point, but I don’t let them be the sole reason to avoid a movie. I like to do a bit more research before I dismiss a movie. After all, critics are just human and they are often wrong. Sometimes one critic may hate something and then everyone else just jumps on the hating bandwagon depending on how influential that critic is.

I started to lose faith after doing a lot of research on this movie, but I still wanted to see it. Not so much because I had to watch it as part of my project, but because I enjoyed Big Fat Wedding so much, I thought maybe the movie won’t be as bad as everyone else thought it is. Maybe my research was wrong! I hoped!

I finally got a chance to see the movie and even though it wasn’t as bad as Land of the Lost or What Goes Up, it wasn’t that far behind. The movie isn’t quite shit, but it is the molecular bond that holds the shit together. I think I could best describe this movie as a big screen mistake. It is almost as if they wrote this movie as a TV sitcom, but it must have been rejected by network producers and executives. I imagine that Mike Reiss, the writer, took the story and made a TV movie out of it, but by some sort of mishap, perhaps it was accidentally misplaced on the wrong script pile and it ended up on the big screen instead. I kept expecting commercial breaks while I was watching.

The movie wasn’t very funny. I also didn’t much appreciate all of the stereotypes that they placed on all of the different tourists. It’s not that I have a problem with stereotypes, but they seemed to be so cliché and boring. About the only thing that was halfway decent about the film was Richard Dreyfuss. He had a couple of mildly amusing lines, but that is just about it. Of course, a couple of quirky lines aren’t enough to make a movie entertaining.

Not to worry, not all is lost. I think kids might like the movie and for good reason. Mike Reiss has been writing for cartoon shows for some time now. He’s written for The Simpsons, Horton Hears a Who, Ice Age, and a few other Disney shows. I think My Life in Ruins is very childish, overly simplistic, and almost cartoonish in nature. It just doesn’t have anything that an adult might find appealing.  I think children might identify with the ignorance and the innocence of this movie and they might even find the Greek sights and history interesting. However, if you’re over 14, skip this movie entirely.

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