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Next Day Air Review

Next Day Air

Next Day Air is not a bad movie; just a little stereotypical which makes it a bit disappointing, but otherwise still very funny and entertaining.

My rating 3.5 Stars

I feel a little conflicted. I don’t know whether I should be outraged or excited. By being outraged, I’ll be adding fuel to the racist fire and I really don’t want to do that, I think there is enough fire there already. By being excited, I wonder if that would make me part of the stereotyping of African Americans? Why am I so concerned? I just saw the movie Next Day Air. While part of me thought that it was funny and fairly clever the other part of me thought the movie was incredibly stereotypical, by portraying African Americans and Latinos as nothing more than stupid, lazy drug dealers, thieves and thugs and that worries me. One can make the argument that because the movie was directed by Benny Boom, an African American, the portrayal is excused. I disagree. If anything I think it makes it worse. It almost makes me thing that African Americans see themselves as though if this type of lifestyle is acceptable or healthy. I think it’s a shame if African Americans see themselves like that, do they? Why would they make a comedy of this nature? It bothers me because whites have mistreated Blacks for so long in our history. Whites have been putting Blacks down for centuries, making them feel like they are sub-human and inferior. I often wonder if this is the product of that. They have drilled into the heads of Blacks that they are criminals and stupid and I am afraid that Blacks are starting to believe this. I really hope not!

While I am sure there will be some of you who will agree with me, others may not. However, those who agree with me are probably scratching their heads wondering, why on Earth would he also be excited about this film? As much as I hated the portrayal of Blacks and Latinos in this movie as criminals, I still found the movie pretty darn funny and somewhat entertaining. The dialog and the interactions between the characters reminded me a lot of some sort of urban Shakespearian play. It was also very silly and almost innocent in nature, to a certain extent.

A young NDA (Next Day Air a take-on UPS) package delivery guy, Leo (played by Donald Faison from the TV show Scrubs) delivers a rather large shipment of “chalk” (cocaine) to the wrong apartment. Leo is also an avid pot smoker. He is stoned half the time and often delivers his parcels to his clients while smoking it. The only reason Leo manages to keep his job is because he works for his mother. Leo is not a bad kid; he’s just not the smartest and he has no ambitions what so ever. All he wants to do is have a good time. On the day that he delivered the “package” to the wrong apartment, the original recipient saw him in the hallway and asked him if there was anything for him, his answer was, “Nope.” The recipient was a young Latino guy named Jesus, played by Cisco Reyes. Jesus, who liked his named pronounced Gee-sus, was expecting the “package” and it was imperative that he would get it. He had screwed up previously with his boss and this was the second and last chance he would get to prove himself loyal to his employers. Needless to say, the package being delivered to the wrong place was not part of the plan.

In the mean time, the apartment that the “package” was delivered to belonged to a gang of thugs who had just attempted to rob a bank, but failed miserably. Instead of taking the bank’s money, they took the bank’s security tapes. Two of them were arguing back and forth about the miscommunication while the other was trying to sleep on the sofa. The guy that was sleeping wakes up and goes to the bathroom just as the package arrives. He accepted the package and put it in the apartment and went about his business. He never told the other guys about it, so during a lull in the argument they both noticed the “package” and decided to open it. When they discovered that there’s half a million dollars worth of “chalk” in it they assumed that the package was sent down from God. I know, pretty ridiculous!

The story develops from there and it becomes a cat and mouse chase between Jesus, his girlfriend, Leo, the Thugs in the apartment and the people that the thugs were going to sell the dope to. The movie isn’t half bad; there were some really funny scenes. Some of my favorites were when Jesus kept trying to interrogate people. He wasn’t very good at being intimidating, instead his sweet, innocent girlfriend suddenly became some kind of angry creature and would slap the hell out of these men often extracting the information they needed. She was quite funny. I must give credit to the writers. While I didn’t like the portrayal of the men in this story, I thought they did a nice job with the women.

As much as I enjoyed the movie, I can’t recommend it to the average movie fan. I hate to say this, but the only people that would find this movie funny would be those who live in an urban environment, people that live and were raised in a suburban environment will not understand this movie at all. If you aren’t from that background don’t bother with this film, odds are this is not the right type of film for you.

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