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Julia Review


Julia is a difficult movie to watch, but well worth it. Tilda plays a most despicable woman that will make you hate her from the moment you meet her. Outstanding film!

My rating 4 Stars

What drives a person to drink so much or to do drugs to such an extreme that it interferes with their lives? We all know someone with an addiction problem, but do we recognize it when we see it? The real problem is that addictions can be tricky to spot sometimes. What is an addiction? Webster defines the word as: to devote or surrender (oneself) to something habitually or obsessively. This means if you enjoy doing something so much that you don’t have any control over it that is an addiction not a hobby. Addictions can be as mild as a nuisance or so severe that they are dangerous to yourself and/or to others. Addictions are serious problems and it is often a symptom of something totally unrelated. I believe that it is an attempt to escape a problem or dilemma that we don’t want to face or that we may not even be aware of. It is often caused by depression, no one who is happy is addicted to anything and addiction very rarely brings happiness. It is a scary thing to see friends and family being addicted to anything especially if that addiction is to alcohol or to drugs. However, nothing is scarier than when we have an addiction ourselves, because more often than not we think we are fine, under control and we shun and alienate anyone who tries to help us. I haven’t figured out why we do that, has anyone?

Julia is the name of the most current feature I had the privilege to watch. It is a French movie shot in California in English staring an English actress, Tilda Swinton.  You may remember her from Michael Clayton or the White Witch in Narnia. Tilda is an amazing actress; she took this role to a whole new level of acting. At first you can’t help but feel sorry for the character she’s playing. She gets drunk, hooks up with some guy and may or may not sleep with him, but she will never know because she always blacks out and has no idea what happened. You have to feel sorry for people like that.

That is how Julia lived her life and up until then it hadn’t affected her job performance; this is where we entered the story. Because of her drinking Julia did lose her job. In an attempt to try to get it back she agreed to join a support group, but she wasn’t very serious about it. There she met a young lady who had gotten herself cleaned up. She had recently lost her husband and her father-in-law who is quite rich and powerful took her son away making the claim that she was an unfit mother because of her drinking. She had very little chance of getting her son back so she plotted to kidnap her own son. She had it all figured out, or did she?

The young lady revealed the plan to Julia and Julia wanted nothing to do with it. She was quite selfish after all. If it didn’t get her drunk or laid, she wanted nothing to do with it. However, when she when offered her a lot of money Julia thought about it more seriously, but then she hatched a plan of her own. She was offered ten thousand dollars for her help and Julia thought if she’ll pay ten thousand, she might pay more if she herself kidnapped the kid for ransom. It is at this point that you stop feeling sorry for this woman and you really begin to ask yourself what kind of a monster is this person? It is incomprehensible to me the lengths this bitch took to kidnap this child and to keep him from running away. She drugged him, tied him up, took him and left him in the middle of a desert, kept the boy in the trunk of a car, and you start to wonder why you ever felt sorry for such ogre.

Julia is the story of a monster and it is ugly. The movie never touches on the demons that trouble this woman, but to be honest, I can’t even begin to imagine what kind of skeletons she had hidden in her closet. I think it’s a good think they kept those hidden. Her actions alone were enough to scare the crap out of me. This movie is quite something; it was well done and well acted. It’s not a movie that will “entertain” you, it’s more of a movie that will upset you and make you wonder could there actually be people in this world that could do such a thing? If you’re into that sort of thing then by all means I think you will find this movie quite intriguing and moving. If you want a happy story, this is not it.

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