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Could Avatar Win Best Picture at the Oscars?

Kathryn Bigelow and James Cameron

Kathryn Bigelow and James Cameron

Yahoo! Movies wrote an interesting article about how they thought that some entertainers were “snubbed” by the Academy this year. While I agree with a lot of what they are saying, I strongly disagree with some of the other points they tried to make. It is true, this year it seems like it has been a battle between The Hurt Locker and Avatar. Ironically or perhaps not so ironically, the two directors of these movies were once husband and wife. It’s comical for me that once again they are battling it out, but this time they are doing it with their work.

If you haven’t seen The Hurt Locker you should probably rent it right now. It is my opinion and the opinion of many out there that this is perhaps one of the best war movies ever done. The acting is incredible, the story is gripping and moving and it is extremely realistic.

If you haven’t seen Avatar, then you should crawl from under your rock and go see it immediately because it is one of the most visually stunning movies ever to be made. However, does that make Avatar worth a Best Picture nomination? I strongly disagree. Avatar is a good movie, but it is not a great movie. It has a decent story and a great message, plus the Vatican hates it, what more do you want? However, the screenplay of Avatar is your typical James Cameron screenplay, somewhere between crap and not bad. So I strongly disagree with Yahoo! that the Academy snubbed James in that category. He doesn’t deserve a Best Screenplay nomination and let’s face it, he doesn’t deserve a Best Picture nomination either, but I guess I’ll just have to learn to live with that decision. I’ll agree with Best Director, yes! Best Cinematography, yes and Yahoo! make a great point about Zoe Saldana for Best Leading Actress, absolutely! Thank God that the Academy had some sense not to nominate James for Best Screenplay.

Once again The Hurt Locker and Avatar will be putting on their gloves and entering the ring. It’s been an ugly fight between the two, both landing some really great punches. Both movies have been nominated for a number of different awards in many different venues and it seems like anything goes. When I watched the Golden Globes I nearly fell off my chair to hear that they selected Avatar for best picture. I hope to all that is good and holy that the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science does not make that mistake or I will have some serious doubts about its credibility from then on. Come March 7, let any movie in the list of nominees win as long as it’s not Avatar. Of course if it were up to me I would give that Oscar to The Hurt Locker right this minute without any reservations.

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