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Fighting Review


Fighting is not quite Fight Club, but nevertheless a decent movie with strong performances by the lead actors. Worth checking out!

My rating 3.5 Stars

Have you ever wondered how a rinky-dink grocery store, mini mart, or news stand stays in business even though you never see anyone go in to buy anything? According to the movie Fighting they stay in business because of illegal gambling, especially illegal street fighting that takes place on its premises. The fighters are chosen, a crowd gathers, and bets are placed. There are no referees and the ring consists of the surroundings and/or the crowd. There are no rules, anything goes. The winner is the last man standing. It doesn’t matter what happens as long as people get paid. This is the premise of the movie Fighting.

Based in modern day New York City, Shawn MacArthur a former wrestler has come to the city to make some money. He is homeless and lives in hotels when he gets a couple of bucks. Shawn makes his living selling knock off products at the corner of Radio City Music Hall. It is a tough and dangerous living. Shawn has to fend off thieves, hustlers and probably the police too. I am sure what he’s doing is not legal.

The story begins with Shawn going to a spot he hasn’t been before, probably to see if he can do better business. However, the spot he picks belongs to a man named Harvey, a ticket scalper and hustler who controls the corner. Immediately after Shawn sets up, Harvey’s goons come over and start harassing Shawn until they break out into a fight. Shawn looses everything that day, but Harvey was impressed with the way that Shawn handled himself fighting his goons. He thought he could make a lot of money managing him in illegal street fighting. At first Shawn wasn’t interested, but when Harvey promised him a lot of money for it he agreed.

The story evolves from there as we get to know both Harvey and Shawn who have a very odd relationship. It’s mostly because they don’t trust each other and for good reason. They’re not exactly model citizens. Harvey is using Shawn to make money and Shawn is not stupid, he knows it. However, what Shawn doesn’t realize is that Harvey almost cares for him like a good friend or even family. I like Harvey’s’ character. He reminds me a lot of one of my cousins. He’s soft spoken, he is sort of melancholy, he’s not really a bad guy, but is involved in some not-so-nice business.

Fighting is not a movie for everyone. In fact, I haven’t met one person that has liked it. Thus, I can’t really recommend the movie, but I can say this. The movie is well made, well acted and the fighting scenes were well choreographed. The story was also good, I liked it very much, but the background story of the main character was a little weak. I was also not a big fan of the coincidences in this movie. In a city with 8 million people the odds of running into the same person by chance over and over again are astronomical. This kept happening in the movie, time and time again. However, I thought the movie was entertaining and in spite of these problems, I still enjoyed it.

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