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Every Little Step Review

Every Little Step

Every Little Step is a true view of the complexities in choosing the right cast for a play. Excellent!

My rating 4.5 Stars

You’ve probably heard of A Chorus Line, believe it or not I have not. I guess I should get out more. Nevertheless, I had to watch this documentary about the casting for the revival of the play. I was ready to be bored to tears. Remarkably, I was not.

Every Little Step is a well made, entertaining and informative documentary that touches on the history of the play, but most importantly it illustrates the audition process from start to finish. Thousands of actors rushed to the audition center for a chance to star in this revival. Everyone had their favorite character that they wanted to audition for and seeing them perform those in front of the casting director was very cool. However, we only got to see just a few of the people who auditioned. I imagine that most of the auditions that were shown were some of the good ones. We did get to see some bad performances, just not a lot of them. It was funny to see the faces of the casting crew when they came across someone who had no prayer. I often wonder if any of the people who were terrible knew they were bad, but just did it for fun, or did they think they were good and were then disappointed when they didn’t get the part? If they thought they were good, I really feel sorry for them.

Of course as much as I enjoyed watching some of the auditions, I also liked seeing the responses from the casting crew. You can see just by looking at their faces how long they’ve been at it. When they first start you can see excitement in their demeanor, when they were done narrowing down the casting, you could sense a feeling of, “How much longer?!!”

Finding talent for a play or a movie is difficult work and this documentary shows us that. You see both sides of the coin too. You get to see some interviews with both the people doing the auditioning and those auditioning. If you are at all interested in the process of selecting the cast of a Broadway play, Every Little Step, I hear from other critics that it hits the nail right on the head.

On a little side note, I decided somewhere in the beginning of the documentary that I was going to pretend I was one of the casting members. I began to carefully listen in about the part they were trying out for and I started looking for certain qualities in the actors. I was surprised to see that a lot of the actors that I liked were the ones that made it into the play. It reassured me as a critic that I have what it takes to judge good acting from bad. It was a huge sigh of relief for me. Why is that? Because a lot of people think they know good acting, they think they can recognize it, when in fact they cannot. For instance people think that Kevin Costner is a good actor. He may be a good looking man, but he is not a good actor. Of course the opposite is also true. Some people may think that Tom Cruise is not a good actor, mostly because they can’t stand him (I can’t blame them), but sorry people, Tom is a talented actor.

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