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Bart Got a Room Review

Bart Got a Room

Bart Got a Room is not necessarily a teen comedy. It’s more of a comedy for adults with teens. Although is based on a tired old prom theme, the movie is very funny and fresh.

My rating 3.5 Stars

Ah the prom, the very romantic night designed for young horny boys and girls to lose their virginity. It is the only time that is sociably acceptable for young teens to have sex. Did I miss something? Did I go to an un-hip high school, because I don’t recall this ever being true! Of course it is not, it is only in movies that prom teen sex is ever acceptable. In real life the prom is just a boring old dance that nobody ever goes to. I didn’t go to mine and it wasn’t because I didn’t have a date. In fact someone did ask me to the stupid dance and I almost did go, but when reality kicked in and I discovered that the tux place wouldn’t take rubber checks, I backed out. However, I never regretted not going. I didn’t want to go in the first place. It just isn’t a place for me; it is just a dumb dance!

There have been a number of prom movies and they are all basically the same. The only thing that is different about them is the music. Even the outfits are the same, for Pete’s sake! You find a date, you rent a tux and a limo, you get your Uncle Bob to buy you some booze (if you’re from the south you might even bring a shot gun or two,) you spike the punch bowl, you dance to a couple of songs, you get crowned king and queen of the prom, you get a bucket of blood poured all over you, then you set the school on fire…wait wrong genre. My point is that if you’ve seen one prom movie, you’ve seen them all. This is why I had no intentions of going to mine in the first place so I wasn’t broken up when I couldn’t go.

Bart Got a Room is about—you guessed it, the prom! It has all of the elements of any ol’ prom movie that I just mentioned except for one small detail. It wasn’t bad! I know that this movie is supposed to be a teen comedy, but I don’t agree with that. I think this is a prom movie for adults, if there ever was one. There is more adult content, and I don’t mean sex, I am talking about themes that adults can relate to more than teens. The movie’s focus is on Danny Stein, the high school student who is trying to work up the nerve to ask out a hot cheerleader to the dance, but he is also trying to deal with his parents divorce and the fact that they are both dating other people.

We get to know Danny’s parents very well Ernie Stein and Beth Stein played by William H. Macy and Cheryl Hines. Both actors were brilliant in these roles. They play a couple who have grown tired of each other for whatever reason. They have been divorced for some time now, enough time has passed that they are both dating other people. Beth may have loved Ernie at some point but now she just thinks he’s a cheap, irresponsible and untrustworthy person. She’s afraid that she’s going to get stuck paying for all of her son’s expenses for the prom. She must have her reasons, because Danny thinks so also.

Ernie is a very interesting character. He is extremely open-minded when it comes to talks about sex with his son who shudders at the thought. Ernie just wants his son to have a good time at the prom, he is realistic, maybe a little too much, while Danny’s mother is a bit more reserved.

There is another relationship worth mentioning about the film. Danny has been good friends with a young girl for years. Her name is Camille, she may not be the most attractive girl in the world, but she’s cute and she is terribly in love with Danny. Camille asks Danny to the prom in case he’s not taking anyone else. However, when Danny looks at her, he sees a friend, not a girl and he doesn’t feel right taking her to the prom. He is conflicted and feels terrible when he keeps trying to find the perfect date when in fact he had already passed on the perfect date.

Bart Got a Room is a decent film. It is not your run-of-the-mill prom movie. It is different and it feels different. This isn’t a film for teens; it is a film for adults with teens. I do not mean that it is inappropriate for them, I just thought the plot would be more appreciated by those parents who are getting ready to shell out the thousands of dollars for a one night dance. I also thought that this movie really lets the talent of both William H. Macy and Cheryl Hines shine through. They were both fantastic in these roles.

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