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March Was Amazing

If you haven’t noticed, I finally finished the month of March. Good grief, that took forever! There were a lot of movies released in March. The good news is that there were a good percentage of them that I really enjoyed. The bad news is that I found the first movie I freaking hated. God, I hated Miss March. That was such trash. I was so pissed off that I had to watch that. If I had known that it was going to be that bad I would’ve put it in my do-not-watch list. I am going to hope and plea that they don’t get any worse. I am not sure if I can take worse.

Miss March was one of those movies that normally I would’ve have turned off, eject it from the unit and sent it right back without even thinking about it. However, since I have to write a review about it, I didn’t feel right doing that. I must sit through the whole thing to be able to fairly judge it. Because you never know, what if for some miracle it picks up? Of course it didn’t, but it could have and that’s my point. I have to watch the whole thing, no matter how bad.

In middle of the summer, just before I started my project, Liz—my wife—rented Brides Wars. I tried to watch it, but I couldn’t. It was the equivalent to putting my hand over a lit match to see how long I can hold it there before I couldn’t take any more. Before my project, I would give movies about 20 minutes to impress me. That’s all they get. If a movie can’t get my attention in 20 minutes, I walk away. If however, I watch more than 20 minutes, I feel committed to the darn thing and I have to finish it no matter what. I left Brides Wars in about 15 minutes into it. I couldn’t do it. It was horrible! When it came time to make my watch list and I saw that Bride Wars was in fact a 2009 movie. I debated with myself weather to try to watch it again or just give it a bad review nonetheless and so my do-not-watch list was born. :)

However, most of the movies were really good. Some of my favorites for the year have come from March. Sin Nombre was phenomenal, 12 was incredible, Sunshine Cleaning was outstanding, Phoebe in Wonderland was amazing, The Cake Eaters was a delight and Watchmen was pure genius. I could watch any of those movies over and over again and I have. I’ve seen each at least twice. I love watching movies, but it is such a treat when something different comes around like a well made and well acted movie.

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