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The Education of Charlie Banks Review

The Education of Charlie Banks

The Education of Charlie Banks isn’t a bad movie. A little slow at times, but a good effort by Durst, great story and good solid performances.

My rating 3.5 Stars

A young Charlie Banks both admires and fears the local bully named Mick. Mick, played by Jason Ritter is a social deviant. He does what he wants, when he wants and beats up anyone that gets in his way. Charlie, played by Jesse Eisenberg is friends with Danny, played by Chris Marquette. Danny is friends with Mick. Charlie doesn’t really know Mick he just knows about him and the things that he has done and the people that he has beat up and so on.

Flash-forward to high school and Mick hasn’t changed much, in fact he is worse. During a party Mick beats two guys almost to death. Charlie, who had finally officially met Mick previously that evening, witnesses the beating and decides that enough is enough; he goes to the police and reports the incident. With his statement, they could put Mick away for good for attempted murder so that he would never hurt anyone else again. However, Charlie fears that if Mick ever finds out that he was the one that ratted him out that Mick would probably kill him. So Charlie recants and takes back his statement.

Again the story flashes-forward, this time they are in college. Enough time has gone by that Charlie has almost forgotten about Mick. Charlie is a smart kid, he and Danny are roommates and they are interested in two things, books and girls. Both Danny and Charlie are intellectuals and they are constantly having academic discussions to stimulate their brains.

Everything seemed to be going well for Charlie, until one day Mick comes back to his life again. Danny and Mick are still friends. Mick had gotten into some trouble; however Danny kept the details from Charlie. While Mick crashed in their little room Charlie lived in constant fear thinking that perhaps he had come back to take revenge or something. However, Mick seemed as though he had changed and they included Mick in their college social group, hung-out and even studied with them. Mick ended up liking the college life he eventually audited some classes and even participated. Mick really did change, but there was one small problem. Mick started dating and sleeping with the one girl Charlie was trying to hook-up with. This made Charlie’s life miserable.

The Education of Charlie Banks isn’t a bad movie. I should mention that this is the first feature length movie that Limp Bizkit’s Fred Durst directed and he did a pretty decent job. The movie is not going to win any major awards. However, it wasn’t a bad flick. It was entertaining and I really like the performance of Jason Ritter as Mick. His character shows how he tries to change, but in the end fails miserably. Mick never really changes, but he does learn something and he takes away an important lesson. What lesson was that, you’ll have to see the movie. I know the movie is called The Education of Charlie Banks, but it should’ve been called The Education of Mick.

However, the movie isn’t perfect. There are some slow moments. There was way too much music that just seemed out of place and did not add much to the scenes. There were some scenes that could have easily been taken out and not affected the plot line. Not a bad film, but not anything to write home about.

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