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The Haunting in Connecticut Review

The Haunting in Connecticut

“The Haunting in Connecticut” isn’t a bad horror movie, but that is all that it is. This is not based on a true story. It is based on the drug and alcohol induced and overactive imagination of a crazy family.

My rating 3.0 Stars

This is the true story of a family that moves into a haunted house or is it? The Haunting in Connecticut is really the ridiculous story that the Snedeker’s family actually sold to some book publisher. It was then the job of Ray Garton to write the book, but as Ray himself put it, the stories told by this crazy family didn’t match up to any real truth. They all told different stories and he was never allowed to talk to the boy who allegedly went through all of this.

Ray didn’t want to write this story as non-fiction because he felt it was nothing but fiction. Fearing a lawsuit for breaking his contract he had to write the book, often making it up as he went along. The book was called In a Dark Place: The Story of a True Haunting however the only real haunting here is the feeling of ripping off his own audience. There is nothing real about this story and the producers of this movie should be embarrassed that they made this movie with the words based on a true story in the credits.

The claim based on a true story used to mean something concrete. It meant that the story actually happened to somebody and that it affected people’s lives. I always look forward to these types of movies because it’s a chance to see something that really happened, you know that what you are about to see actually a happened, it’s not made up. I was really looking forward to seeing The Haunting for that reason; I am so disappointed. Not so much because it wasn’t a true story, but because those words have not lost their meaning. If “based on a true story” could mean the crazy concoction of an insane family, then it could very well mean anything.

With that out of the way, you can now appreciate the movie for what it is. It is a horror movie, plain and simple. It’s not a bad movie just as long as you don’t keep thinking that it was based on real life as they claimed it to be. The people who came up with this story were crazy in their own right. (If you ask me, they should do a story on this family from that point of view that would be interesting to me, but I stray.) The woman was on drugs, the father was an alcoholic and there was never any real proof that the son was ever sick. This is not a true story!

So what is this non-true story about? It is a about a family whose son is being treated for Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. The family lives far from the hospital so to make things easy on themselves they decide to get a new place closer to the hospital. They decided to rent a house temporarily, but while they are at the new place, the boy, Matthew starts to have hallucinations that are thought to be part of the side effects from the cancer treatment. However, after the family discovers that the house they rented was once a mortuary; things start to get a little freakier. The entire family—not just the sick son—starts to see and feel things.

The movie isn’t half bad. If you like the genre it’s worth watching. The effects are okay, but what really sells this movie, are the images. I thought they did a nice job at creeping you out with the visuals. Just remember, this is not a true story. This story is as real as a three dollar bill. If you’re not a fan of this genre, you can skip the movie; there is nothing worth seeing here.

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