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The Goods, The Bads

I have good news and bad news.

The Good News: I got a new computer that a friend of mine and I built from the bottom up. It’s an Intel Quad Core 2.8GHz with 6G or RAM. SATA 3 and USB 3 support. Running Windows 7, I am psyched. It’s been really fun playing with it and seeing how fast things actually run on this new computer. Programs that used to take up to a minute to load on my old computer, now load in less than 3 seconds. It’s awesome! I love it!

The Bad News: While I’ve been screwing around with my new computer, I haven’t had time to do my movie reviews. I finally got to watch Sin Nombre on Thursday night. On Friday I had a dinner to go to support my Grand-father-in-law, so I got home pretty late. I wasn’t supposed to watch a movie then, but I had no choice; I watched The Great Buck Howard that night. On Saturday, I spent the whole day working with my friend, Fred, on my new computer. We were trying to organizing it, install software, ghost it and taking care of important web server stuff. I was done at 1am, but I missed the chance to watch my third movie. I had to watch my third movie, The Education of Charlie Banks, on Sunday which by the way was another busy day, more computers organizing, walking the dog and all that crap.

This coming week, I am curling three days in a row, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and I am also curling in a bonspiel that starts on Friday. So I just don’t see how I am going to have any time this weekend to watch movies. To make things “easy” on myself I watched my first movie of the week, The Haunting in Connecticut, right after I watched the Charlie Banks movie. Hopefully, I can watch my second movie just before I curl on Wednesday and my third on Thursday.

Watching is one thing, but I have no freaking clue when I am going to be able to write the reviews. Speaking of the reviews, the last three movies I’ve watched haven’t been any real thrill rides. They were just merely okay at best. I’ve realized that I have a lot to say when the movie is either great or if it sucks something awful. If the movie is just okay, I just don’t know what to say. So I end up staring at a blank screen for hours. These are my least favorite movies to critique. That is very ironic to me. So I have to write three reviews for these movies, I don’t have any time to do it, but that’s okay, because I don’t really have much to say about them. That should be tons of fun. I can’t wait for December to be over!

I do have something cool to look forward to. After December is over, Liz and I will be getting our first HDTV and Blu-Ray player. I cannot wait to see Star Trek and District 9 in HD, I cannot wait to see the Olympics in HD and I cannot wait to see the Oscars in HD.

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