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The Last House on the Left Review

The Last House on the Left

The Last House on the Left is a great film if you like the genre. If you’re not a fan of the genre you should not watch this movie.

My rating 3.5 Stars

Let me start with this. This film is not for everyone, if you get queasy at the sight of blood, if you tremble at the thought of violence, if you are offended by revenge, this movie isn’t for you. However, if you enjoy a good blood bath, or stabbing people with a hot poker, or sticking someone hand into a garbage disposal, or someone’s head in a microwave and setting it on full blast, then you’re going to love this film.

The Last House on the Left is a remake of a 1972 movie with the same name. People who have seen the original say that this movie wasn’t as good as that version. If that is true, then the original must be awesome! I haven’t had the pleasure of seeing the original. To be honest, I never even heard of it until this movie came out, but rest assured, it is going in my queue.

I was a little nervous about watching this film. Most of the critics hated it, plus I thought since it was written by Wes Craven that it was going to be one of those horror movies with some creepy creature that you just can’t kill because it’s already dead. Well, I was wrong and that is a good thing. There are monsters in this movie for sure, but it’s the type of monster that can exist in real life. It could be your next-door neighbor. It could be your friend or a member of your family. That is what makes this horror movie an interesting and really scary one.  Nobody really believes in dead creatures that come to life and go on a killing spree, but the thought of a real person, raping and killing people for money or for kicks is all too real for us and that is scary.

The movie is about a gang of thugs that included a real human monster named Krug, along with Francis, Krug’s brother, his son Justin and some chick named Sadie, Krug’s girlfriend. They are an armed gang that goes around from place to place robbing, raping and killing people. They are real monsters! Justin is just a young teen, about the only person in this gang with a conscience. He is not happy with what his family is doing, however, he doesn’t have the guts to do anything about it, even though he really wants to.

Justin meets two young girls one day and takes them back to his hotel room where they were staying. Thinking they were safe because his family wasn’t supposed to come back until much later, he didn’t think the girls were in any danger. However, when his family comes back early things start to get ugly.

The film is intense and there are a lot of really good fights, stabbings, nose breaking, and all kinds of good stuff. It is very gory, but very well done. The acting is not too bad for the type of film either. The monsters in this film were very believable and it made you really hate them. The story is about revenge and it’s also about interesting new ways of killing people. Any movie that uses a microwave to cook someone’s head until it explodes will get my vote all the time. By the way, it also shows you the real reason why you shouldn’t stick your hand in a garbage disposal.

While I consider the violence in this movie as a big plus, I recognize that some will find it to be its biggest weakness. I understand and I respect that opinion. However, if that’s how you feel about that, then you shouldn’t watch this movie. This movie is for the horror fan, the ones that want to see blood on screen and maybe a little torture too. I should point out that I was a little uneasy about the rape scene. While some think the rape scene was toned down(!) I am afraid it wasn’t toned down enough for my taste. It was extremely graphic and very difficult to watch. I get it, she’s being raped and it’s terrible. They are monsters, I get it! They didn’t really need a 3 minute rape scene. That was a bit over the top and it could have been toned down a lot more.

The Last House on the Left is one of the best stories that Wes Craven ha s ever created. Only those people who are not fan of this genre will not like it. Understandably so, as it takes a certain, sick individual to enjoy the type of violence in this film. If you are that individual, enjoy it my friend, if not then please don’t watch this movie, instead go rent Dances with Wolves or something.

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