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Miss March Review

Miss March

Miss March was not funny, entertaining or interesting. Possibly the worst movie of the year in my opinion. And to top it off it’s offensive at times.

My rating sucked!

I was not expecting much from Miss March, yet somehow it managed to disappoint me still. Miss March has to be THE WORST movie I have ever seen. I do not have a zero star rating, however, I after this movie, I wish I did. It was a ridiculous story and I wish I could have the memory surgically removed from my brain. Seriously, if the technology in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind were real and available, I would pay good money to erase it from my mind.

I am not easily offended; I love crude humor. I have never been one to shy away from movies like Clerks II, American Pie, The 40 Year Old Virgin, and others like it. All of these movies base their plot on poking fun at sex. However, they do not humiliate or disgrace women by singling them out, they equally distribute the jokes at both men and women.  These movies are hysterical and well worth watching no matter what age group you’re in. If you have an appreciation for adult themed comedy, these movies never fail to entertain.

Miss March does something that none of these movies have ever done, and I am not talking about a new fresh idea. No, instead, I was actually offended by it. I was offended by the way women were portrayed. It was almost as if they were poking fun at women, not of the sex theme and that is just not funny. There is nothing funny about mocking women’s gender. That is beyond childish it is just appalling. This movie was plain garbage.

I am surprised that it made any money at all, but I guess there is always an audience for any rubbish that can be produced. However, I still can’t imagine a decent audience for this movie no matter how hard I try. I keep picturing a room full of social deviants, perverts, and social outcasts that have no idea how to relate to anyone let alone women. The people filling this room have no self respect let alone respect for others.

Who should watch this movie? That’s an interesting question. I don’t think anyone should watch this movie, ever! In fact this movie should have never been green lighted in the first place. However, if you have no respect for women what so ever, if you think that stabbing a woman in the face with a fork while she’s giving you a BJ is funny, if you find the lyrics “Suck my ****, while I’m up your ***” funny, then you might like this movie. If these things make you queasy, like they made me, do not waste your time.

There are a ton of great adult themed comedies out there. Miss March is not one of them. If you’re in the mood for one, check out The Hangover; I Love You, Man; even Fired Up!; or any of the movies I mentioned above. Any of those would be infinitely better than this sack of horseshit.

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