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The Horsemen Review

The Horsemen

The Horsemen could have been a really great film in the caliber of Se7en or Silence of the Lambs, in the end the movie was confusing and very badly cast.

My rating 2.5 Stars

Have you ever seen those commercials on TV, where 10-15 seconds into it you wonder, “What is it they’re selling?” You have no idea what the commercial is about. Then finally they get to the point and you feel a little disappointed. Maybe you thought it was the latest Church of Jesus Christ commercial, but it turns out to be about some stupid life insurance instead. The Horsemen is similar to those commercials, but instead it was a lot longer than 30 seconds and instead of leaving you disappointed, it leaves you wondering WTF just happened?

I wish I could tell you what The Horsemen was about, but I honestly cannot, because I do not know. I do not even think the director knew either. So how could I try to explain something they could not? The funny thing is that the story is not even that complex. They made it complicated on purpose for a cheesy effect. It did not work very well, at least not for me.

The Horsemen is about a series of torture murders that starts out with an old man in the middle of the woods. However, no one really knows if the old man was murdered or not, they never said. Instead, they find a set of freshly pulled teeth. Puzzled by this, detective Aidan Breslin played by Dennis Quaid, is brought in to investigate because of his background in dental forensics. From this point on, they find the other murdered victims, tortured and killed by a skilled assassin with obvious medical training. Eventually Breslin and the audience discover what is happening and finally solve the whole riddle. It really is not that difficult to figure out. The only reason you do not come to realize it sooner is because they deliberately hide the clues from you. However, the minute you see them on the screen you realize what is happening and what is about to happen. It makes you wonder, how smart this Breslin character was in the first place not to put this “puzzle” together sooner.

The movie reminded me of Se7en, just not as well done. Se7en was intense and always kept you in suspense, The Horsemen relied heavily on disturbing images, over the top torture, and hangings by several fishhooks through the skin. The hangings did give me the willies, this is about the only thing that this movie has going for it and it is about the only aspect of the film that was done well.

The Horsemen is not a bad story. My beef with the story is the actual movie. It tries hard to keep the audience in suspense, but it ends up confusing them instead. The reason is because it was so poorly edited, often losing the audience and leaving them wondering where they were in the story. My other big complaint was the acting and the cast. Other than Dennis Quaid and Clifton Collins Jr., the rest of the characters were poorly cast, it was just as poor if not worse than the editing.  For example, there is a young Asian girl that had been adopted at the age of 8, she is now in her mid to late teens and she has a very thick Asian accent. I’m guessing if you are adopted by an American family at that young of an age, you will lose most of your accent, but that didn’t happen here. The details just never fit together well enough to make a cohesive story. It just didn’t fit, and it wasn’t believable enough for me. I was unimpressed.

The Horsemen could have been a great movie and up until they found the first murderer it was intense, interesting and fresh. It only took 38 minutes to find that first killer, after that it was put on neutral and thrown down a steep hill. It became boring, predictable, unnecessarily over the top and unforgivably cheesy.

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