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12 Review


The movie 12 features strong performances, excellent cinematography, a gripping script, and a great and talented cast. What an extraordinary movie!

My rating
5.0 Stars

The Russian movie 12 is an adaptation of the Twelve Angry Men teleplay and a remake of the American movie of the same title. I wish I could elaborate further on that, however I can’t, because I have not seen the play or the original movie. Given that, making a comparison of this movie to those will be moot. The best I can do, is do a little research and see how it was perceived by both the viewers and the critics on the Rotten Tomatoes website.

The consensus seems to agree that 12 was just as riveting as the original, but with a Russian feel. This makes me want to rent and see the original as soon as I can. If the original is as enthralling as this Russian version, I have no doubts I will love the American version of this movie.

The movie 12 was outstanding. The performances by these twelve men were unbelievable. Each juror was unique and interesting, and their stories were gripping and suspenseful. I thought I was going to like the movie, I did not think I was going to love it as much as I did.

The movie reminded me a lot of Doubt, which is fitting since they are both based on a plays. Both movies feature outstanding performances from the actors, exhilarating dialog, and agitated arguments. Both directors took normally boring scenes and made them stimulating in such a way that it keeps you at the edge of your seat. It takes real talent to do that, especially with a simple concept as twelve men sitting around a table deliberating a verdict.

The story itself is incredible. It must’ve been so brave to put forth the idea of a jury deciding the fate of a defendant. I have never served in a jury before, but I can’t imagine that it is anything enjoyable. This story could have easily been really boring with little or no content. Lucky for us the writers of this story saw it as an opportunity to take a dull subject and write a great play about it. If the movie 12 is anything like the play, the writers accomplished their goal admirably. The film 12 is one of the reasons why I love movies.

The brilliance of this movie is not so much the deliberation of the verdict. It is the creation and the advancement of the characters that made this film an astonishing story. It is amazing how committed and how intimate we get with these men as they all take their turn to put in their 2 cents about the case and about their own lives. The writers made these characters as real as they could be; some were angry, some were sad, some were compassionate others couldn’t give a crap. It was these twelve personal stories that drove the movie and the story, the verdict was just the icing on the very moist and delicious cake.

By far, 12 has been one of the best films I have seen in 2009. If this had been an American produced film, it could very easily have been a nominee for best picture. With elements like strong acting performances, beautiful cinematography, an incredible script, and a well put together cast this movie is well worth watching. I look forward to watching it again and again.

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