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Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li Review

Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li

Playing the Street Fighter game was fun and exciting. Watching this movie was the total opposite. This movie was an insult to the fans of the Street Fighter series, period!

My rating 1.0 Star

I must warn you, I do have some spoilers in my review, but since you aren’t planning on seeing this movie, and no one should watch this movie ever, then it’s okay if I give away the stupid ending.

I sometimes wonder if there exists a “master template” for crappy movies that a writer can use when movie producers want to cash in on a popular story. However, in this case I am confused as to why they made this film in the first place. It seems to me that the popularity of Street Fighter has been long gone for about 15 years now. So why is this movie out now? I have not been able to make sense of that.

So what is this God-awful movie about? This movie is the story of one of the characters in the Capcom video game, circa 1991, called Street Fighter II. The game was extremely popular during its release and is considered one of the best video games ever. Street Fighter II was a real phenomenon in the early 90’s. It was especially well-liked among youngsters, and I include myself, because it featured special complicated moves that not only did you have to learn, but you had to master them as well in order to be any good. It featured two controllers so that you could face off against a friend or play against the computer. It gave the player a choice of 8 characters to play with, each with their own unique moves and skill sets. Because of its popularity there were many versions of the game released, one more popular than the next which included new characters and even allowed you the chance to play as the bosses (the bosses were those characters that you only played against when you were playing against the computer. Balrog, Vega, Sagat, and M. Bison were the bosses in the original Street Fighter II game, named in the respective order you got to fight them. M. Bison was the main boss and one of the most difficult to defeat).

Street Fighter inspired other video game makers to release similar fighting games to cash in on its popularity. Games like Mortal Kombat, Virtual Fighter, Fatal Fury, Marvel Vs. Capcom, and dozens of other titles were developed. And I am not even going to mention the knockoffs. To say that Street Fighter was successful is a gross understatement.

However, that was more than 15 years ago. The Street Fighter series has never been as popular as it was back then. So why now and why this abhorrent so called movie? The best I can say about this movie is that it was really bad, really, really bad! It almost gave Friday the 13th a good run for the title of worse-movie-of-the-year. About the only redeeming quality of this movie were some of the fighting scenes were eye-catching, but only some. The cinematography was also somewhat interesting, but the acting was a joke, the script was one of the worse I’ve ever seen, and the story was a slap on the face for the fans of the Street Fighter series. Anyone who has played this game at least once, knows that M. Bison is the main boss in the video games. So why on earth would they kill him off at the end of this movie? The answer is beyond me. Yes, I just gave you the ending. Big whoop! Who could’ve seen that coming? I just saved you an hour and a half! There is no need to thank me!

As much as I loved the video game, I can’t recommend this movie to anyone, especially to fans of the series. While the video games were really fun to play, this movie was not fun to watch at all. True they kept Chun-Li’s story true to the video games, but the story in the video game is pretty lame if you think about it. Let’s face it. We do not play the Street Fighter video games for its story. We play them to destroy of our opponents, to shame them, and to make them beg for mercy. I am not sure these stories should be made into movies since they are two dimensional to say the least. If they chose to do so, they should probably spend some time into developing the characters a little better. If they are trying to revive the franchise they took the wrong approach. They didn’t have to make a great movie, but this wretched film isn’t going to do cut it.

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