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Crossing Over Review

Crossing Over

Crossing Over is a powerful story. A bit convoluted at times, but there is plenty here to appreciate.

My rating 4.5 Stars

Am I an American or am I a human being? What is more important, my nationality or my species? It seems to me that I can change my nationality at any time, but I will always be human no matter what I do. This is a real sensitive subject and I am sympathetic to both sides. On the one hand you have people who want to come to this country to better themselves or to provide opportunities for their families or to get away from the oppression of their government. The Declaration of Independence states, “…We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” I’d like to point out that this document mentions “all men” meaning everyone. It does not say just Americans.

How quickly we forget that this country was built by immigrants. Our rail road systems were built by the Chinese. Our biggest bank was started by an Italian. In fact there is not one person in this country that does not come from somewhere else. Of course, I understand the need for immigration laws. There must be laws or there will be chaos. I don’t think that anyone disagrees with that. I think the real problem is how we deal with these laws, how we apply them. They don’t seem to be fair and I don’t believe that they are very humane either.

Crossing Over is about the current laws we have in this country when dealing with illegal immigrants. This is a powerful film that tries to show the inhumane side of these laws, the loop holes, the corruption and the complete disregard of humanity. The film is not a fun movie to watch, but it is an important one. I think that everyone should be aware of what is happening, especially when it comes to how we treat aliens whether they are legal or not.

Crossing Over can be compared to Crash where there are a hundred different characters all with their individual stories and eventually it all ties in the end. Crossing Over tries to do that, though not as successfully. While the message in this film was very sound and very important, the film aspect is a little weak. We get to see some strong performances, but there is too much going on and sometimes the film loses the audience. There were so many stories being told, I only followed one or two and I dismissed the others. Perhaps that was the whole brilliance of this movie now that I think about it.

The movie starts out with a factory raid where Harrison Ford’s character has a young Mexican girl deported. There is the story of an Australian actress who is trying to get naturalized but after all her legal efforts she is forced to take other avenues that eventually get her into deep trouble. There is the Jew from the UK with a similar story. There is the Korean and Iranian family who are all just about to get naturalized but life happens and interrupts the process. Then finally the most heart breaking story of them all, a young Middle Eastern girl who attracts the attention of the FBI because of a high school paper she wrote about the 9/11 attacks. Because of this she is targeted as a terrorist and her family is torn apart.

This was so terrible to watch, because I know things like this happen all the time in this country. They happened after Pearl Harbor and we learned nothing from it. This is America, Land of the Free, where we are free to express our feelings and emotions without fear of retaliation from our government. Bullshit! It makes me so angry that instead of binding together as a nation, instead we become so paranoid and so mistrustful of others that we make laws that limit our own freedom and for what?

In this story this young girl spoke freely about her feelings on the subject of 9/11. They were strong feelings, but she should have the right to express herself. She wasn’t a terrorist and neither was her family. However, they were treated as such and the outcome fell short of being humane. If she wasn’t a terrorist then, I wouldn’t be surprised if she becomes one after. Sometimes I am really disappointed in our country.

The movie isn’t as preachy as my review. It is just showing you the misery that we are causing to these people, legal or not. Is it just, is it fair, and is it right? This movie shows you what’s going on, it leaves it up to you to decide if it is. I agree that we should do something, but maybe we’re just not approaching this from the right angle. I don’t care if it’s for the betterment of the country or not, but it is never right to break a loving family apart.

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