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Fired Up! Review

Fired Up!

This wasn’t a good movie, but it sure was funny and I had a lot of fun watching it. I don’t recommend this for adults, but teens should love this film.

My rating 2.5 Stars

Remember Porky’s, American Pie, Animal House and many more movies where the focus is bad sex jokes; being crude, rude, and obnoxious? Fired Up is one of those movies, however the critics hated this movie. I believe it got high 20% on the tomatometer and rightly so. This movie is no masterpiece, but then again neither are either of those other movies I just mentioned. Instead, these movies are funny, in fact, they are hysterical, their purpose is to take a taboo subject and make you laugh at it and they do that very well.

Why did the critics hate this movie? Because this movie wasn’t made for them. This movie was geared toward high school students and you know what? It works for them. This isn’t a clean movie, but it was clean enough. The movie focused on sex jokes, but surprisingly there were no sex scenes. There were jokes about drugs, but there was no drug use, at least none I can remember. Plus the movie was funny. It reminded me a lot of Dead Man on Campus actually, but a little more out there. This type of movie will not interest adults of course, but since I still consider myself a very immature adult, I found the jokes really funny. I was laughing my butt off in some scenes. I guess I just understand young people and so does Will Gluck, the director of this movie.

Fired Up is about two young boys who are very popular in school. One of them is the captain of the football team and the other is also on the team. They are best friends and they practically share the same brain and interests, which is girls, girls and more girls. They’re only goal in life is to get laid. They are very smooth with the ladies, but there is one small problem. It is senior year and they have “done” practically every girl in school. They want new flesh, so to speak. After they hear about this cheerleading camp where there were going to be 300 hot girls all for the taking, they decide to skip the boring football camp and go to this cheerleading camp instead.

Let’s be real, the movie was bad, the story was ridiculous and there were clichés up the wazoo, the cheerleading was a big joke, and there really isn’t anything interesting in this movie for adults.  However, I think the teen are going to love this film, because it’ll be fresh and funny for them, they will be entertained and you won’t have to worry about your kids watching drug use or too much nudity. It is in this instance that I would compare Fired Up with the movies I just mentioned. I can’t recommend this for the average adult. If you’re like me, sick and disturbed then by all means… But otherwise leave this one for the teens.

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