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Confessions of a Shopaholic Review

Although not as funny as Legally Blond, Confessions of a Shopaholic is mildly amusing and somewhat entertaining.

Although not as funny as Legally Blond, Confessions of a Shopaholic is mildly amusing and somewhat entertaining.

My rating 3.0 Stars

About 15 minutes in to the movie, I noticed the something irritating about this movie, bad acting! There is nothing else I can’t stand more. However, 20 minutes into the movie I realized that the bad and cheesy acting was done on purpose to add a certain style to the film. A very interesting and bold approach; however, I am not sure if it totally worked for me. I am still somewhere in the middle to whether I liked that or not. To be honest though, I think it may have added a certain charm to the movie.

This movie is characterized as a romantic comedy, I am not sure I agree. Let’s be honest, there was some cheese-ball romantic junk thrown in, but the movie didn’t focus on that very much. I give the producers of this film credit for that. Instead, I would compare this film to a screwball type comedy, just not as exaggerated. Some critics are comparing it to the zany antics of Lucille Ball. I don’t know if I am ready to go as far to compare Isla Fisher to Lucille Ball, but there was a certain charisma to her that might appeal to some. As for me, I wasn’t totally sold, but I was not turned off either. In fact, the movie had a certain 80’s feel to it that brought back good and bad memories of that decade’s idea of entertainment. Remember The Secret of my Success? In that sense, the movie was very well done.

Since the cheesy acting was part of the movie’s charm, I conclude that everyone in the film did a great job. I eventually accepted the “bad acting” and went along with it. I even though it was like a hidden supporting role of sorts and at times quite humorous.

Bad acting aside, I did have some other problems with this movie. I was not a big fan of the main character. In my opinion she wasn’t very likable. I also never got the sense that she got over her addiction. However, do addicts ever get over their addictions? I may have to revisit that thought. Then there is the story, interesting idea, but it was very predictable and a little cliché. If it hadn’t been because of that, this movie could have had been really cool. It is unfortunate.

I also thought that the movie gave some mixed messages. On the one hand the author of this story pointed out that the main character had a problem that she needed to deal with, but it is not apparent that she was doing much to get her to rehabilitate. It was as if the author was celebrating the addiction not condemning it. In this economy, with so many people incurring so much credit card debt, I think that is a bit irresponsible.

Confessions of a Shopaholic is about a young journalist who desperately is trying to get a job with her favorite fashion magazine. However, when she tries to apply, she is turned down. After finding out that her current job was now in jeopardy and with her friends help, realizing that she owed over $16,000 in credit card debt she decided to apply at a financial magazine. Somehow, she gets hired by impressing the interviewer by accidentally comparing fashion to finance. We don’t know what was said, they never say it, but whatever it was, it must have been impressive. The movie then begins to take its shape as she constantly tries to hide the fact that she does not know the first thing about finance, by dodging annoying bill collectors, or by ruining the hard efforts of other shopaholics during Shopaholic Anonymous meetings.

The movie is not a total dud, there are some really funny moments in the movie. The main actors did really well playing in these cheesy roles. Isla Fisher was convincing playing a shopaholic and she was occasionally very funny. Although, I may not be ready to compare Isla to such great comedians like Lucille Ball, but I am ready to say that she was much better in this role than Sarah Jessica Parker was or ever will be in that horrible Sex in the City movie or even Renée Zellweger in New in Town. She may not get an Oscar for this role, but she might make you laugh. She was very silly and almost as good as Reese Witherspoon in Legally Blond.

Confessions of a Shopaholic is not the best movie this year, but it is also not the worst. There is familiar content yes, but it also includes some fresh material. I’d say if you have nothing else to do and you really want to see it, go right ahead you will probably even like it, other wise you can skip it you won’t miss much.

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