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Amy Adams is an inspiration to all!

Amy Lou Adams

Amy Lou Adams

There have been a number of people who have inspired me to follow my dreams. However, no one has inspired me more than Hollywood actress Amy Adams. If you are not familiar with Amy Adams, look her up on Wikipedia or IMDB. She has an impressive Hollywood resume for such a short time in her movie acting career. The reason is because she is a hard working and talented actress. It is my opinion that she is the most talented actress of my generation.

In 2009 alone she stared in three motion pictures, two of which she played leading roles. She takes her roles very seriously and it always shows when you watch her perform. For me, watching her act is like poetry. She has a way of bringing simple characters to life like no one else can. I always look forward to seeing one of her movies.

But why does she inspire me so much? Amy Adams is a down-to-earth lady. She is my age; she also believes in hard work to reach your dreams. She has no piercings, no tattoos, no plastic surgery and she keeps herself out of the tabloids. There are no frills to her; she likes her t-shirts and jeans; lives in a modest house with her fiancée; and does not go looking for trouble. There aren’t too many Hollywood actors that can say that. She is one of the rare few that understand that acting is just a job, is not your life. I respect and commend her for that.

By watching her interviews I have discovered that she is intelligent, sincere, charming, polite, but also not afraid to be silly or take herself too seriously. She just reminds me a lot of myself. Amy also has the kind of smile that is infectious. I cannot help but smile or laugh when she does. I imagine that if we were to meet, we could be good friends. I don’t say that often about Hollywood people.

She has inspired me because she reminds me a lot of myself and what I can become if I apply myself. Also, because at least so far she has kept herself grounded in the real world while working in a make believe world. She is a great role model to young women everywhere. She is beautiful inside and out and her beauty is real not plastic nor made up. I guess she inspires me because she stays herself and that takes guts in her industry. Attagirl!

Surprisingly, even some of the characters that she has played have inspired me at times. There is just something special about her that I admire so much. I would love to thank her personally for her wonderful work and I would love to wish her all the luck in the world. May she accomplish all of her goals and may she always stay true to herself.

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