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Early October

Last week I had hopes to watch 4 movies. I wanted to watch The Class, Fanboys, New in Town, and Donkey Punch. Since curling has not started yet I figured I could squeeze one more movie. Why not, after all I did manage to get four in the week before. And that was a much busier week. We had the curling club’s open house that I helped with on both Friday and Saturday. Plus I had a ton of other work to do with the SCC web site. Last week wasn’t as busy so I did not think that adding an extra movie would be a big deal. I guess I was wrong.

I had planned on watching The Class on Saturday, instead I ended up working entirely on an App I had promised the president of our club. That was only supposed to take a few hours, funny how that always works out like that. Sunday was my last chance, but I was so tired from so much coding the day before, my brain couldn’t take concentrating on a French movie for over two hours. I had to shelve the movie till Wednesday. I couldn’t watch the movie on Monday or Tuesday since I had to curl. However, I’m glad that I waited because I really liked it. I think I would have had a different opinion if I had watched it on Sunday when I was tired and in a bad mood.

Curling is about to start for me. I already know my schedule for Tuesday nights, and I just found out I will be playing on Monday’s instead of Wednesdays. Two nights of curling doesn’t sound too bad. I think I might even squeeze in four movies a week from time to time. In the mean time, I am going to stick with just three. I don’t want to push myself too much. I am enjoying my little project, I do not want to do anything that will make it seem like work or that I will recent in the future.

I’d like to thank my friends for supporting me in this crazy project. I especially like to thank everyone for not laughing at me. It was a nice to see people supporting me on this. That’s pretty darn cool.

I want to thank Sam for being the first to leave a comment for one of my posts. I saw her post on a Monday and I was half asleep. I actually got really excited that someone outside my friends circle had commented on my post. After I commented I realized it was Sam. I felt like an idiot, but hey it’s all good. Thanks Sam!
Lastly, I’d like to thank my wife for supporting me on this. She’s been really cool about it. I guess we’ll see if she’s still behind me four months from now. :) I also want to thank her for editing my posts and helping me with my writing. The reason for me doing this is to improve on my writing and she’s been a lot of help. I hope she doesn’t get tired of reading. Thanks to everyone and I hope you’re enjoying these.

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