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Sunshine Cleaning Review

Amy Adams and Emily Blunt give great performances in Sunshine Cleaning a movie about cleaning up crime scenes, family dynamics and friendships.

Amy Adams and Emily Blunt give great performances in Sunshine Cleaning a movie about cleaning up crime scenes, family dynamics and friendships.

My rating 5.0 Stars

I am afraid that I am not the most partial when it comes to rating movies in which Amy Adams stars. It is my personal opinion that Adams is the most talented actresses of our generation and she has proven that over and over again. Watching her act is a pleasure, she is quite incredible and her range of roles is very impressive as well.

I first saw her in Catch Me if You Can, where she played a small role as Dicaprio’s love interest. I thought she nailed that role. That film became one of my favorites of all time and a lot of it is because of Adams. It wasn’t until she played in a tiny indi film called Junebug where you really see her shine. She was even nominated for an Academy Award for her portrayal of Ashley Johnsten as a quirky, talkative but adorable, pregnant, and naïve character who you just can’t help but fall in love with. So when I saw that she was staring in Sunshine Cleaning, I had to see it right way.

Sunshine Cleaning is one of the first’s movies I saw this year. The movie was made by the same people who brought us Little Miss Sunshine. They must have some peculiar fetish with the word sunshine, it’s a little unsettling if you ask me. The movie stars Amy Adams, Emily Blunt and Alan Arkin. It is about two sisters who are desperate to make a decent living so they start a crime scene clean up gig. However, the movie is not just about that, it is also about family dynamics and how difficult, but rewarding life can be if you just do the right thing, work hard and be a relatively good person.

This is a great film, it’s not so much a comedy like Little Miss Sunshine was, instead they really focused on the crime scene clean up and biohazard removal part of the story. I was surprised at how realistic and how true they kept it to the real industry. While there were some funny parts in the movie, the real star in this film is the relationship between the two sisters played oh so brilliantly by both Emily Blunt and Amy Adams. Their relationship on screen was very convincing. You have a sense that these two talented ladies really were related and that they loved and hated each other just like siblings often do.

I love this film, if you like good indi films you should definitely give Sunshine Cleaning a try. I believe you won’t be disappointed. For you Craig Ferguson fans out there, there are no explosions in this movie. There are no skeletons riding a motorcycle with his skull on fire. Instead you’ll see some really good acting, an excellent drama and a beautiful story.

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