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Fanboys Review

Fanboys was a real big disappointment. It is a really good idea, but the final project was boring. Some funny part, but nothing too special.

Fanboys was a real big disappointment. It is a really good idea, but the final project was boring. Some funny parts, but nothing too special.

My rating: 2.5 Stars

What if they made a movie about true Star War fans? Set the movie back in 1998 just before the release of Episode I. Would that be interesting? I think it would! And just to make it things more interesting and add some drama, make the story the last journey for one of the characters who is dying of cancer. Wouldn’t that make a great story? Well, you’re in luck because Fanboys is just that same story and I just finished watching it. I must say, it was a big disappointment. After watching the movie, I sit here wondering, was this actually a good idea after all or did this movie just suck?

 Instead of calling this Fanboys, it should’ve been called Nerds Invade, Losers! or some crap like that. This movie wasn’t even remotely entertaining. It starts out okay, but then the actors come on screen and the movie loses all of its charm. There were some funny moments, but they were sporadic and I felt like I was forcing myself to keep watching. 

 This movie had so much promise. They just screwed up on the script. Fanboys could’ve been a real hit, but instead they went with this dud. As I watched the movie, I kept thinking, “that was really funny, why isn’t this movie any better?” What’s worse is the characters aren’t even that likable, maybe it’s because of the bad acting. One of the characters is supposed to be dying of cancer, but they never went anywhere with it. You don’t feel any emotional connection with these guys, not even for the cancer kid. What is worse, he’s supposed to be dying but somehow he looks very healthy through out the movie. They just didn’t even try!

 Fanboys felt like a string of nerd jokes thrown together randomly in an incoherent form to try and make a feature length movie. Some of those jokes were really funny. For example: Shatner giving secrets away on how to break into Skywalker ranch or Billy D. Williams playing a judge named Judge Reinhold among other silly but mildly amusing antics. The jokes weren’t bad, in fact it’s the only thing that this movie has going for it. What is bad is that they didn’t bother to go anywhere with anything. They never even touched on the kid with cancer, they never made fun of the name Judge Reinhold and Shatner’s appearance was totally wasted on Priceline “jokes”. They could’ve really done something really funny with any of those ideas, but they did nothing!

 Being a geek myself… Although I should clarify there are differences between geeks and nerds, but I will not get into a social hierarchy debate at the moment. I do enjoy the Star War movies (Episode IV, V, and VI only) and I know people who live on this stuff. I’ve known people who have had stupid arguments about the characters or the places in these films. I can at least in some way or another relate to this concept. That’s why I was so disappointed in this movie, maybe my hopes were just too high.

 Sure, there were some funny moments, but I bet if you look around on YouTube you can find a lot of them and you don’t have to subject yourself to this movie. Speaking of YouTube, I think that is a good way to describe this film. It felt like a really long YouTube video. It was really boring and stupid with an occasional laugh. So you can skip this movie, there’s really nothing to see here, in fact all the good stuff I already mentioned in this review. That should give you an idea.

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  1. October 12, 2009 at 11:11 am

    I have two words for you on why this movie was amazing:



    picasso’s blue period? I wanna do that for halloween this year, yo!

  2. October 13, 2009 at 9:22 pm

    LOL Like I said, there were some funny jokes in the movie, but I still stand by my original review. It just isn’t worth the hour and a half.

    I’ll give you this much, Kristen Bell, was pretty good in this role and she is very hot. I’ll go as far as to say that she was one of the high points of the movie. She was much better than any of the guys, but still not worth watching. :)

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